Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.10.22

* Paperback Writer Lynn Viehl posted a few markets.

* Bantam Spectra launched a new short fiction contest.

* Agent Janet Reid on Opportunity Costs, or why agents don’t do more “developmental work with inexperienced authors”.

* 2 new agents at L.Perkins Agency. Check out their details.

* Barbara Bretton wants to know if there’s an Expiration Date on Writers. “I’ve always believed that one of the very best things about being a writer was that age didn’t matter.”

* More on the Ugly Fight for Andre Norton’s Legacy. Writers: learn from this.

* Time for some autumn office cleaning? The keyboard brush.

* A smart author will accept valid criticism no matter what the cost in rewrite time.

* UF author C.E. Murphy gives us an example of “Showing” vs “Telling”.

* At UF author Rachel Vincent’s blog, her critique partner (CP) gives us some examples of the kind of crits these ladies exchange. Part 1 – Can I Have A Band-Aid With That Critique? and Part 2 – When a Band-Aid Isn’t Big Enough. Ouch!

* Rachel Vincent’s writing chair: