Briefs 2008.10.17

Hear Vicki Pettersson (along with Kathryn Fox, Jordan Dane and Sarah Langan) on the panel “The craft of writing a good paperback book” at Thrillerfest 2008 in NYC. [45 minutes]

The BeeGees’ “Stayin Alive” could keep you alive. Seems the beat is just right for performing CPR compressions.

Boing Boing is helping you plan your Halloween party: check out scary cocktails, and how to make fake snot.

The stuff fiction is made of (and how come we’ve never seen this in a movie?): Tombstone kills man.

IO9 ponders J.J. Abrams being the next Joss Whedon. Abrams is brilliant. I knew this when he went from Felicity to Alias. I love that he’s making these big movies now. talks to Abrams about Fringe, cows and, of course, Star Wars.


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  1. I saw the bit about the BeeGee’s aiding CPR on Fox news today. What a hoot! And EW Online has some great pics from JJ’s Star Trek movie. As the son of a Trekkie I can’t harldy wait!!

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