Briefs 2008.10.16

* For photography buffs, The Art of Making Ghosts Visible. [This is actually kind of cool, and I find myself grateful for all the panorama shots my father made of the street I grew up on.]

* Now here’s a movie I’d like to see: Beverly Hills Cthulhu. Check out the poster!

* The first episode of the new anime Witchblade is available for free (for a limited time only) on iTunes.

* has reinvented a familiar workout routine under a new name: The Jedi Workout. “you too could harness the Force in your muscular fitness.

* Author of a book about the mob in Naples, has been forced to flee Italy now that the mob has put a price on his head. The book is a best-seller and has been made into a movie. Is this a case of life imitating art or just a really good PR campaign?

* You still have time to freshen up your zombie translation skills before Halloween: Zombies in Plain English.

* I don’t think I’ve heard of anything so gross or bizzarre: The Zombie Pin-up Calendar. [Warning: definitely gross] I had thought it might be fun, but it’s brutalized, scantily-clad women in erotic poses, and I just find it more disturbing than anything.

* SF author William Gibson has designed some very cool bags and coats