Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.10.15

Mark Henry shows us the money in urban fantasy novel writing. “unless you’re a lead title at your publishing house, you’re going to be spending some money on getting the word out”.

Speaking as a recovering perfectionist myself, I can vouch for this: Perfectionism Is Bad For You. Perfectionism definitely doesn’t get any novels finished.

Isn’t it ironic? Men Don’t Read, but 7 of the 10 World’s Best Paid Authors are men.

Pen and Pencil Better For the Brain than software? Last year I made the switch from writing on a computer to writing with a notebook and pen. I can honestly say the method is slower, but the results are better. I feel more connected to the work, to the characters and their world.

Are you 24 pages from a multi-book contract? “When the struggling writer is pitching a book to an agent, he or she had better have a book, right? Well, Finnish SF author Hannu Rajaniemi sold three of them to classy UK-based Orion imprint Gollacz based on a mere 24 pages.” Fascinating sales story, but a long shot.

from Marjorie M. Liu -> Good questions are a source of creative energy = Your Book Outline

Kim Harrison’s writing place:

Another awesome Jackson Pearce video. This one about outlining:

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