Excerpt from Richelle Mead’s Shadow Kiss

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for*:

Richelle Mead has posted an excerpt from Shadow Kiss. (It’s Chapter 1 and you’re warned of spoilers from the previous books in the series.) Only one month until the whole book is released!

Kimberly at Darque Reviews posted a review of Shadow Kiss today.

* “Shadow Kiss” and “Richelle Mead” are the number 1 and 2 search terms bringing readers to UFL. Cover Art for Shadow Kiss is our number 1 viewed post. And when entered into Google, UFL comes up as #2 in a search for Shadow Kiss. Out of all this, we kind of have a feeling you might be looking forward to getting your hands on Shadow Kiss. Maybe just a little. ;o)


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  1. any1 know the name of the ppl on de cover….
    cover of shadow kiss has Dimitri n Lissa …any1 no de real name of Dimitri… tried to search buh got nun

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