Free Reading Friday 2008.10.10

* Excerpts:

* Kelley Armstrong’s Living with the Dead
* Barb Hendee’s The Vampire Memories
* Keri Arthur’s Destiny Kills

* Check out Lynn Viehl’s post “Free the Books Ten

* @Subterranean Press – Chris Roberson’s “Mirror of Fiery Brightness”

* @Free Speculative Fiction Online – stories by Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull’s War For The Oaks, Terry Pratchett, and so much more!

* 6 scripts from season 4 of Doctor Who are available to download as .pdf docs.


2 comments on “Free Reading Friday 2008.10.10

  1. Lindsay…thank you so much!

    The link for Free Speculative Fiction Online revealed a dragon’s hoard of wonderful stories!

  2. For more free reading, pop by my site and have a look at my two supernatural thrillers, SO DARK THE NIGHT and OF THE NIGHT. I’ve been a writer for nearly 25 years and these two offerings, along with my short novel “Kept” (soon to be a movie from Twisted Pictures) will blow your mind:

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