Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.10.01

Writer Unboxed presents Anatamy of a Publishing Contract, Part 1 and Part 2 and watch for more in this informative series.

Cat Rambo explains what makes a good writing group and how to find one.

Lifehacker tells us Sleep Boosts Creativity by 33%. As any sleep-deprived writer will tell you. Or you could as any new parent. ;o) But have a look at the article anyway. It also tells us we can solve problems by sleeping on them.

Uncluttering the paths to your goals.

Lifehacker answers Why “Goal Setting” Makes You Cringe.

Do you write historical YA? If so, AN AGENT IS WAITING FOR YOUR QUERY.

Write to Done presents editing tricks to keep you to your word count.

Susan Adrian tells us How To Talk To Writers At Parties. Unlike the Neil Gaiman story “How to talk to girls at parties”, there are no aliens involved.

How to avoid procrastination.

How to stay awake at work.

Inspiration from a Daphne Guiness photo shoot. Write an urban fantasy story based on the images via Boing Boing