Henry + Stein = hilarity and $25

[Mark Henry]: Are you sure the weapon is absolutely necessary, Jeanne?

Jeanne [Stein]: Weapon? Oh, you mean my little friend here. His name is Sugar. He’s only half pit bull, so there’s no need to be so nervous. And the white froth around his mouth? My vet says the rabies treatments are not as bad as people say. Actually, he belongs to Michelle Rowen. She got him after that unfortunate incident a couple of weeks ago. Thank you, Michelle, for lending him to me. *Smiles sweetly at Mark* But I’m sure the kidnapping was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

So begins Mark Henry’s hilarious interview with Jeanne Stein. Hurry over and read it through to the end to find out how you can win a signed copy of Stein’s Legacy and a $25 Amazon gift card.