Cover Art for C.E. Murphy’s Take a Chance comic

Dabel Brothers Publishing, in conjunction with artist Ardian Syaf (”The Dresden Files”), colorist Jason Embury (”Hero By Night”, “Shadowhawk”), letterer Melissa S. Kaercher (”Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink”), cover artist Scott Clark (”X-Men”, “Stormwatch”), and writer C.E. Murphy (”The Walker Papers”, “The Negotiator Trilogy”) bring you “Take A Chance”, a superhero comic series about Frankie Kemp, aka “Chance”, a woman who loses her son to gang violence and turns vigilante to save other children.

From Murphy:

Back when I started this, I said that if I ever got Chance published, that I’d turn first issue into a fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Now I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

50% of any proceeds I make (after paying my phenomenal team what they deserve) from the first issue of Chance will go to the CBLDF. The remaining money will be turned back over into producing further issues of the comic book. When the first six are collected into trade format, 10% of my proceeds on that will also go to the CBLDF, which means at the end of the day, I’m making no profit at all on that issue. I would dearly love to see the CBLDF profit enormously, though, so I hope you’ll spread the word.

Issue #1 of “Take A Chance” will be out in December 2008. It’s in this week’s Previews and available for pre-orders. I’ll get an order form with all the relevant details already filled in so you can just print it out, but please do talk to your comic shop owners, your friends, even your big box stores, who might be convinced to carry an independent monthly comic if there’s enough interest shown in it.


3 comments on “Cover Art for C.E. Murphy’s Take a Chance comic

  1. Ooh. Comics. Dabel Brothers puts out such great stuff. Although usually don’t they do adaptions of already published fantasy novels? I hadn’t heard of them doing original superhero stuff before. This should be fun.

  2. I love Indy comic books. This one already is on my pre-order list and I’m proud as a reader to give my money to CBLDF!

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