Wednesday Links for Writers 2008.09.24

Workplace envy hurts productivity, study shows. This holds true for writers in writing groups, and online communities. (via Lifehacker)

Use Michael Bay as your writing muse The director of Transformers might be able to help you transform your writing. (via Write to Done)

Never give up! 25 reasons to keep writing (via Paperback Writer)

We don’t need to know every hero’s childhood trauma! (via IO9) [warning: Star Trek spoilers]

Good Cover Letters (via Suvudo)

Plot Synopsis Project II A look at synopses that won over agents/editors. Jeri Smith-Ready posted hers. (via SF Novelists)

6 Ways to Avoid Distraction While on a Deadline (via SF Novelists)

10 Unbeatable Tips for Overcoming Micro-Addictions. You know, like checking your email every 5 minutes, and all the other stupid little obsessive things that keep us from getting on with life. (via Zen Habits)

Goal-setting software to help you stay on task and achieve your goals. (via simply stated: home & organizing) Find out more about Lifetick (via Unclutterer) Or go no-tech: Real Simple Goal Setting (via Zen Habits)

Take a peek at Colleen Gleason’s writing space:

Space-saving bookshelf. The bottom shelves pull out to make stairs. (via Unclutterer)



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