Matinee: Sherrilyn Kenyon edition

Check out this three minute profile of Sherrilyn Kenyon. The video, produced by author Marianne Mancusi, contrasts the story of how Sherrilyn Kenyon broke into publishing and the tremendous success she has today: (Smart Bitches‘ Sarah B also appears briefly.)


The Acheron trailer:


And interviews Sherrilyn Kenyon:


3 comments on “Matinee: Sherrilyn Kenyon edition

  1. I’ve known Sherri for several years now and it’s been great to see her fanbase take off. I am glad to see her work is breaking out of the “Romance” market, since it encompasses more than that and has become a true crossover success.

    – Derek

  2. Okay, I’m going out on a limb here but after watching the YouTube piece on Sherrilyn I almost cried. She’s an inspiration to writers everywhere and deserves her success! (Yes, this coming from a guy who could watch Diehard 100 times over and never get bored.)

  3. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon. I not only enjoy her written work, but I also admire her as a person and the inspiration she provides for so many people. She’s great and like Pike says, she truly deserves her success.

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