Briefs 2008.09.19

YA author Carrie Jones interviews author of Jinx, Jennifer Estep.

I’ve always loved fantasy stories. Fairy tales as a kid, then epic fantasy in high school and college. It just seemed natural to start writing my own fantasy tales.”


Behind the scenes of Coraline.  “SCI FI Wire was invited up to the offices of Laika Entertainment in Portland, Ore., last July, where production was underway on the upcoming stop-motion 3-D animated film Coraline.”

Jonesing for more DragonCon? Go on over to the dark side at Dark Fantasy Track for recaps of this year and updates on 2009.

In response to AskMen’s 10 Sexiest Vampires, Rae lists 13 Vampires to Heat Up Those Cold Nights.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I am hoping that 2009’s convention will be just as exciting as 2008’s event was.

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