Wednesday Links for Writers

Lifehacker tells us How To Kick Start a Low-Productivity Day. “It’s all about looking for something positive you have never seen. Taking time to smell the roses may be just a cliché, but those roses could be anything.”

Boing Boing links us to How To Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee. “This was amazing — I’ve always wondered about the chemistry of espresso and coffee roasting…”

Vivienne Tam and Hewlett Packard hook up to give us this bit of computer awesome: (via DVICE) [It’s about time we got some girly prints and colour!!]

Check out The Query Project [via agent Colleen Lindsay] where authors share their query letters, includes UF & paranormal authors Jackie Kessler and Michelle Rowen.

Excellent advice here: Don’t Let Writing Get in the Way of Writing. Sometimes you have to let the writing go. “Case in point, at the Fantasy Matters conference last fall Neil Gaiman talked about a novel he was just then finishing, a novel that he started twenty-some years ago.”

The ever-brilliant Jackson Pearce on the friends every writer needs. “The Cheerleader: The person who would stand up and applaud your grocery list. “Milk, eggs, AND FRUIT ROLLUPS? Oh my god. Genius. You. Are. A. Genius. Will you sign my left asscheek?”
Reason you need her: She makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you’d otherwise want to curl up in your bathtub and cry.”

Fresh Inspiration for Your Home has the perfect writer’s retreat: Casa Kike. “We’ve seen it in movies and in real life, that writers need a quiet place to come up with great ideas for their books. If you’ve been looking for the key elements for such a house, then we have Casa Kike located in Cahuita, Costa Rica (30 miles south of Puerto Limon).”



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