Top 10 Sexiest Vampires + More!

So, while I have been tweaking mind altering questions for possible interviews, I received a very interesting e-mail from about top ten of the sexiest vampires ever to air on the big screen. I had no clue there were so many blood sucking seductresses around, if you had no idea either then enlighten yourself via this link: TOP 10 SEXIEST VAMPIRES EVER. (Credit goes as promised to! Thank you Johnny! Been a pleasure.)

In other worldwide news concerning the publishing world:

The unstoppable writing machine Richelle Mead knows how to entertain her fans and still manage to make them think, spoil them and have a laugh. This is demonstrated through her newest contest. Go and take a look.

Stacia Kane has no shame into showing edited scenes, which haven’t been polished to perfection. If you have no clue how a novel is doing in the middle stages, then make a stop. So far she is up to installment SIX.

Last but not least, newly contracted by none other but Miriam Kriss herself, the urban fantasy dream maker, Karen Mahoney has landed her first professional writing gig with a short story feautured in the new YA anthology with teen vampire stories titled “The Eternal Kiss”. Yes, diagonally reading any post is going to get you in lots of trouble. (Thank you Karen for pointing that out and btw I think it would have been even better if you did that other gig too.)


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  1. It’s very cool to be given a shout out, Harry, but I’m going to be in a YA anthology of teen vampire short stories – tentatively titled THE ETERNAL KISS – Autumn 2009. The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance is coming out in Feb 09 and I’m not in that. 🙂

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