How is True Blood?

Suburban Vampire gave us a look at the True Blood opening and a look behind the scenes of the song.

Io9 weighed the pros and cons of the pilot episode. And the second episode.

But I want to hear what you think. Do you like it? How does it compare to the books?

Give those of us who don’t have HBO a bite… a drop? Just a taste? Really, I swear that’s all we need!


10 comments on “How is True Blood?

  1. I don’t think it’s fair to compare it to the books. Not all the details at least. It can be really hard to translate a book to the screen. So I don’t think about the details of the book too much when I see the show.

    However, I will say that I am really enjoying how Alan Ball is portraying the events (although I’ve only seen episode one). All of the little things bug me, but only when I think of the book. As long as I judge it on it’s own merits, than I think it’s really good and I know I’ll end up buying the dvd collection when it comes out (even at HBO prices)

  2. It doesn’t compare with the books but video seldom does. Sookie is a little to “simple” when she’s been forced to listen in to the fantasies and nastiness of folks in bars for years. I agree the Grandmother is BADDD. They make her seem simple when she’s supposed to be warm and wise. They’ve got the brother down perfectly. I want to see how they handle Eric–key to a lot of the books.

  3. They have changed some things so I agree it’s not fair to compare the books to the show. For the most part the line have come straight from the book. But so far I am really enjoying it and looking forward to see how it progresses. I believe Alan Ball has done a fantastic job translating the words to moving pictures, and that’s a rarity in Hollywood.

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  5. Mosquitoes. I’m from East Texas, near the border with Louisiana. Let me tell you, Mother Nature’s OTHER little bloodsucker would’ve been all over Sookie (not sure about vamps). I might be nitpicking, though. I’m really enjoying the show.

  6. The show is great. A little bit naughty, but that’s HBO. I think it’s the best vamp series out there right now compare to the other recent vamp shows that were on. My only problem with the show is the way Sookie acts around Bill. She acts like one of those crazy fans around Bill. You know…like those Jonas Brothers fans. Did I even spell there name right. Crazy! Other then that the show is entertaining.

  7. It was a little too dark and there was a bit too much broody staring for me. I definitely enjoyed the books more and probably won’t make too much of an effort to see the next episodes.

  8. I haven’t read the books (yet), but did manage to catch the first 2 epsiodes when I was in NYC recently. I really loved it and hope it comes to the UK soon. It makes me want to read the books even more…

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