Matinee: Big News from LKH; New Twilight Trailers

This week Laurell K. Hamilton made one very big, very veiled announcement: “I’m thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with a first class Writer, Producer, and film studio. The rumors are true – a movie and a possible TV show based on the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter 16-book series is in the works. Stay tuned to the website for updates and details.”

A movie and possible TV show! How about that?

New Twilight Trailers:


6 comments on “Matinee: Big News from LKH; New Twilight Trailers

  1. Hmm, I can only imagine the Anita Blake series on something like HBO or, you know, a porn channel if you read the current books. 😉 I would be curious enough to try it out though. I liked the character and I think if they cast Anita well it would work!

  2. If she had said the first books, up until Obsidian Butterfly, I’d be interested. All she writes now is porn, I wonder if she even wrote the first books?

  3. I know, I know, I’m jumping in late here, but I’m trying to catch up in my Google Reader.

    Anyway, I won’t get too excited about LKH’s announcement because that’s pretty much the same announcement she made one other time. And now, though she didn’t say so in that earlier announcement, she’s saying that this new deal is different from the old one because it was simply a speculative development deal the first time (IIRC the guy who played George on Seinfied was involved in the company in some way).

    Not only that, but she holds tightly to the rights for her characters (and who could blame her) and wants approval on every detail. Witness her approving every single drawing, word, issue of the comics.

    So, how exactly does she think she’ll have time to work a movie/TV project into her schedule AND crank out two books a year. I mean she’s already having trouble doing that now.

  4. Bev,
    You’re right. She did have another deal. And when that fell through, wasn’t Jon supposed to be writing the script so they could shop it on their own? I wonder if he did.

    I’m not holding my breath until casting’s been done, and even then, I’ll be skeptical.

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