Free Fiction Friday: Gaiman, Michelle, Paolini

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere has been released on-line for free reading.

Patrice Michelle has posted an “unedited excerpt” from Scions: Revelation.

Fans of Eragon and Eldest will be thrilled to read an excerpt of Brisingr.


2 comments on “Free Fiction Friday: Gaiman, Michelle, Paolini

  1. Your Neverwhere link points to a user-specific, tokenized URL. That is to say, those clicking it will all appear to be a single person so far as HarperCollins is concerned. Also, the link will allegedly expire after 24 hours.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you update your link to point to the one in Neil’s blog? Not the URL that results when you click on the link therein, but the original link itself.

    My chief recommendation to HC, after all of this is over, will be to *not* use these freaky tokenized URLs anymore. And skipping the DRM would be nice.

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