Free Fiction Friday: Midnight Sun, Succubus Dreams, First Blood, Faefever

Stephenie Meyer has released the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun for free reading on the Internet, in response to an illegal distribution of a partial of the manuscript. Read what she has to say on the subject, and the partial she does want you to see here.

Richelle Mead has posted a 6-page excerpt of Succubus Dreams. And a contest.

Meljean Brook is giving away 25 copies of First Blood to anyone not already familiar with her work.

For a short time only, Karen Marie Moning is releasing free excerpts of Faefever before it goes on sale.


6 comments on “Free Fiction Friday: Midnight Sun, Succubus Dreams, First Blood, Faefever

  1. you are the one who leaked midnight sun!!! go to freakin hell!!! now steph can’t officially release it!!

  2. what the hell i mean i love the books but dont put them out now she wont pubilsh the book and we all have to go throught that and she might even take new moon off the big screen

  3. CALM DOWN PEOPLE!…its not like shes not gonna publish midnight sun, or take any of the twilight movies out of theater…..if she did that she wouldnt be making money!……and whoever you are that stole the unfished book you must have way to much time on your hands and you need to get a life and stop stealing books.

  4. okay dudes calm down!
    fyi, of course stephanie meyer is still putting new moon on the big screen, everyone knows that, they’ve even started filming eclipse.
    also stehanie said she would finish and release her book one day but not intil she feels like she is ready to finish because atm if she did finish it then edward would die and james would win.
    so if u keep patient then she’ll finish it. she could even be writing it right now cuz this did happen a long time ago.

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