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The internet gods are smiling and all seems to be working again. I shall endeavour to put up a few posts before Yet Another Thunderstorm hits my area. It’s tough to work without power. ;o)

For Writers
Agent Colleen Lindsay dissects UF author (and client) Kelly Gay’s query letter. Ms Gay wrote an excellent query letter and it’s easy to see why she won over Ms Lindsay. The dissection is extremely helpful for anyone at the query stage. Bookmark it if you’re not there yet.

Lilith Saintcrow tells us the secret to writing— namely, there is no secret. This is an excellent bit of insight into what it takes to succeed at writing, in a rip-the-scab-off-quickly kind of way. No sugar-coating.

Meljean Brook discusses her writing process. It involves a lot of re-reading, but I suspect this method keeps her in touch with the story.

Need to include medications in your story? Check out for all the info. [via Writtenwyrd]

Over at SF Novelists, Kelly McCullough posted a list of indexes of writing resources. These are some very handy-dandy lists for writers and authors.

Special Video Bonus for Writers
Author Jackson Pearce made this hilarious video about how the writing/publishing process does NOT work:


2 comments on “Resources for Writers

  1. Awesome resources! Dissected query letters always help those of us who are “inquistionally challenged”. Also love reading Saintcrow’s blogs. She’s a pistol.

    BTW – The video blew my perceptions on the submission process all to hell. 😉

  2. Hi Lindsay, just wanted to pop on over and say thanks for the plug! And for the nice words about my query — it’s much appreciated! 😀

    Kelly Gay

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