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Chris Howard

Book 1

Juno Books [July, 2008]

Seaborn is an epic fantasy tale of a hidden undersea world that is told from three points of view.  Kassandra, who is the daughter of the current king of the realm who has banished her to live in exile on the surface.  Through her bleeds, which access family member’s magic, she is preparing to go to war with her grandfather.  She will stop at nothing to restore her family’s rightful place within the hierarchy of the Seaborn.

Corina is a college student who loves to scuba dive.  While exploring, she accidentally sets Aleximor free and loses control of her body in the process.  What ensues once she gets her bearings is the clash and battle of two minds contained in the same body.  Can she assert herself and regain control of her body from the sorcerer?

And Aleximor, a sorcerer who controls the dead and has been in an undersea prison for four hundred years.  Now that he has been freed, he can finally exact his revenge on those who imprisoned him.  It is inevitable that his path will also cross Kassandra’s as they both muster their regiments to fight.

Seaborn is well written with dense prose and excellent description.  It is also downright creepy in spots.  The scene where we are introduced to Aleximor’s familiar was a prime example of this.  I admit I was somewhat squicked out while reading it and that doesn’t happen to me very often.  Mr. Howard’s description of both surface life and the expansive undersea world were detailed and vivid.  His knowledge of greek mythology and battle lore are formidable.  The scenes with Corina and Aleximor are particularly interesting as control shifts back and forth between them.

The pacing was a bit slow in places, mostly because of the extensive description.  There was also a lot of history and backstory to introduce the complexities of the world of the Seaborn.

Rating:  A-

Mr. Howard has created an epic fantasy world and story in his debut novel Seaborn.  The second in the Series, Sea Throne, will be released in 2009.

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  2. Sounds more than interesting. Moving the epic fantasy into an alternate direction always adds spice. And you gotta love epic fights!

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