Urban Fantasy on the Tube: What am I missing?

As I have admitted in the past, I didn’t watch Buffy. It didn’t appeal to me at the time. Over the years I’ve seen few UF movies, and nothing on TV until The Dresden Files, which I adored. I thought the cast and crew did a fabulous job of bringing Jim Butcher’s books to life. I’m not sure why the studio was so keen to cancel the show. It would have found an audience– in fact, given the “Save Harry Dresden” campaigns that popped up, I’d say the audience was already there. To add to this mystery, I’ve watched Blood Ties, the Canadian UF based on Tanya Huff’s Vickie Nelson series, and it’s not as good as The Dresden Files, but somehow has lasted longer. [Could be a “Canadian content” thing, more than a “giving the audience what they want” thing.]

These days UF is all over the tube with new shows making their debut every season. It’s too much for me to keep up with, though I’ve been making an effort. One show to recently catch my attention is Ghost Whisperer. I avoided this one for a long time. I’m not a Jennifer Love Hewitt fan, and the title screamed “cheesy”. So I was quite surprised to find character development and well-played suspense. I’m liking Ghost Whisperer so much, I’m wondering what else have I been missing?

This summer I’ll be checking out as much as I can before the fall season begins. I think it might be time for me to rent the Buffy DVDs and anything else I’ve been missing.

Any recommendations?


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  1. Supernatural is great. One of the best UF series ever to be on TV. Still running strong and about to start a 4th season. I admit to watching Ghost Whisperer, too, although JLH does get a bit melodramatic at times… especially at the end of the episodes. As for Buffy, if you try it and don’t like it, give Angel a shot. I was never a huge Buffy fan, but did get sucked into the latter. ‘Course that could, in part, be due to David Boreanaz. And a heads up, HBO will be starting a new series based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series. You can find the preair of the first episode on torrent sites. It shows promise (although def for mature audiences) and has a great advertising campaign (“Friends don’t let friends drink friends.”) Happy show hunting.

  2. Supernatural I’ve never seen. I’ll have to take a look.

    I’ve seen part of an episode of Heroes. I saw most of the first season of Lost, part of the second season, but I lost interest once I’d heard the creators planned to never reveal some secrets. My tolerance for suspense just isn’t that long.

    I saw a few episodes of Angel and I did like them better than Buffy, but the show wasn’t aired at a convenient time for me. I’ll have to add them to my list.

    Unfortunately, we don’t get HBO in Canada, so I’m going to miss True Blood, which is really bumming me out. I’m a fan of Charlaine Harris, love the promo campaign, and I’m super curious about the show. But I have to wait for a Canadian channel to pick it up or for it to come out on DVD. So far I know of no plans for either, but a DVD release does seem likely. Eventually.

  3. I would say Forever Knight and Kindred. Oldies, but goodies. You can also give Charmed, Hex, Dead Like Me, Dark Angel, and Tru Calling a whirl. Some are better then others.

  4. I loved The Dresden Files and am gutted they are not making any more. It is much better than Blood Ties. Moonlight is ok and worth checking out. It’s similar to Blood Ties but much slicker. Hex was definitely fun and very underrated. Supernatural I have been getting into slowly but am really enjoying.

  5. Charmed was okay.
    I saw part of an episode of Dead Like Me. Interesting premise, I just wasn’t happy with the execution. I should give it another try.
    Dark Angel I’ve not seen, but really want to.
    The others I’ve never heard of.

    Moonlight I’ve heard of, but not seen. I think a DVR is in my future. :o)

  6. Moonlight was okay, but went the way of most fantasy shows and has already been canceled. It’s actually very similar to a book by Peter Hamill called Forever. If you miss the show, def check the book out.

  7. After the SciFi channel canceled The Dresden Files, I decided I was done watching any of their new series. Seems like everything I like they do away with and keep the cheap, cheesy shows. In fact I’ve just about decided not to watch any new UF type shows at all anymore because they don’t seem to last past one season. I never watched Buffy and it did great. Go figure. Just as well anyway. Makes more time for reading. 🙂

  8. Hex was a lot of fun but the series ending was HORRIBLE! Made me angry. But, I’d still watch it. Definitely different than anything the US has made.

    Michael Fassbender, who plays Azazeal, is definitely easy on the eyes 😉

  9. Daelith,
    Good point! What is up with keeping the cheap, cheesy shows and getting rid of the new and fantastic?

    It is disappointing when the studios kill a show after only a few episodes. I remember a few years ago a great UF, Birds of Prey. It was a little derivative, but it had the urban setting, the fantasy elements I love, and the kick ass, crime fighting characters with personal problems. Maybe it was just ahead of its time.

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