Dr Horrible Outcry; King Rules Dorchester

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Apparently Dr Horrible didn’t end well. I only saw the first act, the second act wasn’t coming in well– jittery picture and sound that couldn’t keep up with the video– despite watching it at 6am EST when I thought I might get to see it at a slow time. Unfortunately, I never made it back to try again. And good thing I didn’t. After finding out how it ends, I would be joining the countless others in their disappointment. Instead, my last memory of Dr Horrible is NPH’s ten seconds of bewilderment. It’s unfortunate the character of Penny was never developed. There was so much potential there. Perhaps an alternate ending if there’s a DVD release, Mr Whedon?

Bestselling author Stephen King will be judging book trailers for Dorchester’s Shomi line. The winning trailers will be shown at a movie premiere in NYC and the winner’s home town.

New York, NY – July 21, 2008 – Dorchester Publishing and Circle of Seven Productions have teamed up to present a contest offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for amateur and professional filmmakers who also love books. Participants will create book trailers based on their favorite novel in the SHOMI series of modern-day fantasy fiction. The best trailer, as selected by internationally bestselling author Stephen King, will be shown at a movie premiere in New York City as well as a theater in the winner’s home market.

The contest will provide a creative outlet for the filmmakers’ visions while ultimately allowing the winner to showcase his or her talents before a potential audience of tens of millions of people through Circle of Seven’s distribution relationships. “We’re thrilled to offer filmmakers a means to broadcast their gifts,” said Brooke Borneman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Dorchester, “and hope that the contest gives the winner a platform that will propel his or her film career to new heights.”

Book trailers, which are similar in style, content, and technique to movie trailers, are a powerful and increasingly popular method for communicating why a particular novel or series of novels is a ‘must read.’ A memorable short film can visually highlight a book’s most compelling elements and draw viewers into the story and the author’s universe, making a prospective reader want to know more.

A groundbreaking line of speculative fiction that combines the best elements of the fantasy, thriller, science fiction, cyberpunk, and romance genres, the SHOMI imprint has been hailed by reviewers for its genre-blending, high-velocity action-adventure stories and emotional impact.

“SHOMI books have received comparisons to films ranging from Underworld and Resident Evil to Blade Runner and The Matrix,” explained Borneman. “The cinematic quality of the books and the sheer physicality of the storytelling are what make the SHOMI universe a natural for filmmakers to explore.”

For more information on SHOMI and complete rules for the contest, including submission guidelines and deadlines, please visit http://www.shomifiction.com.

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  1. I agree with the idea that the ending of Dr. Horrible SUCKED. He was supposed to be some sort of mad evil scientist. He would have done something a la Reanimator!

  2. I liked the end of Dr. Horrible, I thought it was fitting and very Joss Whedonish. Of course I did get to watch the full thing so maybe I just have a different perspective?

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