Cover Art for Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat

Artist Christian McGrath has posted the cover for the 11th installment of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Turn Coat. Gorgeous! I love the touch of red and the scary, hooded dudes in the background.


4 comments on “Cover Art for Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat

  1. It’s a good cover, but I have to wonder why the artist has written “Matrix” in Japanese on his staff for the last couple of books. An in-joke? Hoping no one will notice?

  2. I have always loved the covers for Jim Butcher’s HARRY DRESDEN series. Harry looks elegantly sexy in them, always following a case, and always(it seems) facing some sort of danger…
    I would love to see depictions of Mouse and Mister, though, and his young apprentice, Molly!

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