Special Message from Stephenie Meyer

Over at the Official Website of Stephenie Meyer, the author posted a message to all readers about the forthcoming release of Breaking Dawn (UF YA) on 2 Aug. (Read the whole thing here.)

Speaking of spoilers, I want to ask you guys for a favor. As we saw with Eclipse (not to mention that last Harry Potter book), there is always the potential for copies of the book to be leaked early. My publisher is doing everything they can to prevent this, but there is only so much that can be done. This is the favor: if someone, somewhere, somehow, gets a copy early, I’m asking you to please not post any spoilers on the internet. And if you see something, please don’t spread it around. Breaking Dawn was meant to be experienced in a certain way, and I would hate for someone to get that experience ruined by seeing something online they didn’t want to see. My fans have been super cool about this in the past—last year in particular you guys went above and beyond to protect Eclipse until the release date—and I hope that we’ll have the same positive experience this year.


4 comments on “Special Message from Stephenie Meyer

  1. hello, my name’s alessandra Romano. i just want you to know that i’m your biggest fan in the twilight saga books that you’ve written. i love how the details were so realistic. it made me feel like i’m actually there.
    i really want you to continue the story of edward cullen and bella and there newly born child. it would be the best gift from every body. i wrote a petition and already 34,245 people signed saying they ant you to continue the story of the twilight saga. i appreciate your time

    sincerelly your number one fan
    alessandra romano

    p.s. i really hope you continue writing the story

  2. omg alessadra if i was there i would sign that petition for u. i love those books sooo much i read from twilight through breaking dawn like 10 times n i can’t help it. if the author is reading this please tell her to make atleast 4 books or 3. i would love to read the books. there just sooo interesting. please convince the author. theres sooo many fans in the world that loves her stories about edward and bella

  3. i agree with my cousins. the book is soooo good i enjoy it. i thank u for making these book. i haven’t put down not one minute. you make it so interesting. i really want to know a story about bella edward and there baby girl =]. i know your making a book in edward cullens point of veiw, and i thank you sooo much. i want to know what was on edwards mind. but i also wish you could make a book about edward bella and the baby in the continuous story. like what will she become when she’s grown. or there experiancing something about her they never thought she had. i hope you get my message =] and thank u sooo much for the books

  4. Hello.
    First i have to say sorry for my low English.
    I read the next twilight series will be filming in Italy,were Edward gona go to die.Well,i have an oposition.Actualy the true and real story about the vampires is in Romania in Transilvania .So why dont continue in Transilvania the story? Can have much more originality,i think. I have many ideas for the script:)) I love youre books Stephenie you are genius!
    for contact ….

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