Harry Joins Urban Fantasy Land!

Please give a big welcome to our newest contributor, Harry (daydreammuse), all the way from Eastern Europe!

I always liked Urban Fantasy before I knew it was called that way. You can blame X-Men for the ideas I got of people with powers, which kind of spun out of control once anime mixed in. As an aspiring writer I have been having ideas in the UF genre before I even knew the term, but I think I mentioned that. Well after the X-Men came TV shows like Buffy and Charmed and then the Harry Potter series, which pretty much set the formula: monsters, magic, mythology + present reality = way cool.

Living in Eastern Europe kind of hindered my initiation in the book genre and the first novel I ever read was “Stray” by Rachel Vincent. This pretty much sealed the deal and from then on I have my house barricaded with UF titles and although there is much for me to catch upon I already have my favorites like Vicki Pettersson, Rachel Vincent, Gena Showalter, but I am most likely to get addicted to almost any author out in print. Just need to read their novels.

As for me, well I am an aspiring writer with too many ideas even for a team of thousand erudite apes to handle; the perpetual poet with a knack for cabaret and mythology; the amateur photographer of sorts and the mad reviewer of everything in the art department.

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am super excited to be here as well. *Grin* When I saw that there was an opening here on UFL, I kinda hopped at the chance, very neurotically!

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