Richelle Mead answers ‘Who’s on the cover?’

Readers of UFL have been dying to know which characters are depicted on the cover of Richelle Mead’s next release in the Vampire Academy series, Shadow Kiss. Ms Mead answers this burning question and many more at her LJ, and for UFL readers, here’s a handy guide:

Frostbite: Rose + unknown (maybe Christian)
Shadow Kiss: Dimitri + Lissa

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  1. The people on the cover of frostbite are rose and the strigoi Isaiah, because of the red in his eyes.

  2. I think lindsay is right about frostbite becaause I read something about that on richelle mead’s blog [about christian being the guy on the cover]. But I think it would be cool either way. if that is christian though he looks Kinda good!!!

  3. it can’t be rose fr frostbite because she doensn’t have blonde hair and i think the guy is adrian

  4. On the cover of Frostbite the girl is Rose and the guy has to be a strigoi because of his red eyes.. i dont kno which one yet because i havn’t gotten that far in the book.

    and in Shadow Kiss is the guy really Dimitri? because shouldn’t he have longer hair that he puts in a ponytail at the back of his neck? correct me if im wrong..

  5. Vampire Academy: Richelle said that on that cover is supposed to be rose but its not how she pictured her.

    Frostbite: She also said that it is rose and that the guy is isaiah because of his red eyes. but the guy on the cover wasn’t how she pictured isaiah and he looked more like how she pictured Christian. But its Isaiah.

    Shadow kiss: It is Roses point of view. So it is Lissa and Demitri. Richelle also said that the Dimitri on that cover wasnt how she pictured him. She pictured him hotter and with long hair. It doesnt mean he cut his hair.

    I got all of this from her blog.

  6. I think the girl in Vampire acadamy is Rose. The guy in Frostbite is strigoi,and rose is with him. The girl in Shadow Kiss is Lissa and the guy is Adrian.

  7. on the frostbite cover, *rose* doesn’t look right.. she looks way to old for her characer (not saying the model person is old or anything) but she should look more like she did on the first cover.. 🙂
    demetri is everything i thought (the shadow kiss cover) he should look like :] yummy 😛
    im excited lol

  8. the frostbite cover is strange. Strigoi Isaiah makes sense but that girl being rose doesn’t really. She looks alittle too old. and her hair is all wrong. I kinda thought that might even be her mom. But the hair would still not make sense. Her hair if you notice, is short. So maybe her mom?? what do you think?

  9. I think the guy on frosbite is Isaiah because his red eyes. and I think that the guy one shadow kiss is not Dimitri cause in the book she says that he has long hair and is more butch. and if that’s lissa then I’d say it’s ok in a wierd way.

  10. I’m sure it’s Rose on The Vampire Academy. I also think it’s Angelina Jolie. On Fostbite, it’s Dimitri and Lissa, but it could be Mia. And on Shadowkiss, it’s Dimitri and Lissa. I can’t wait for the 3rd book. I’ve been drooling on the 2nd book.

  11. I think Vampire Academy is possibly rose.. reminds me a LOT of the actress Danneel Harris, One tree hill, anyone agree?
    Frostbite.. i think isaiah cos he has RED eyes, and possibly rose.. she’s wearing a necklace kinda reminds me of the diamond rose!
    Shadow kiss? don’t even get me started! But i’ll just say Lissa and poss dimitri.. although the guy looks awfully similar to the one on the Frostbite Cover
    Anyway enough of my usual waffling on..

  12. ok vampire academy was rose, frostbite it had to be isaiah and I think it was Mia, and on Shadow Kiss I think its Christian and Lissa

  13. wow…WOW…DIMITRI?! On the Shadow Kiss cover?! No…not possible…not at all.
    VA- Rose
    FB- Rose and Christian; yes he has red eyes like a Strigoi but Isaiah was an old Strigoi
    SK- Lissa and Eddie…Definetly NOT Dimitri…Eddie doesn’t play a very big part but he still had some semblance.

  14. okay just to clear things up, Rose is on the cover of vampire academy. Frostbite is probably Isaiah and Rose’s mom . and on shadow kiss im pretty sure its Lissa and Dimitri

  15. Vampire Academy= obviously Rose
    Frostbite= I completely think that the Rose on Frostbite looks old and different from the first cover, but its something. On the cover, it is Rose and Isaiah because of his red eyes and how Rose looks serious
    Shadow Kiss= It is Lissa and i think Christian because on the top it said if you would choose ur best friend or the person u love the most and lissa and christian love each other very much.

  16. O and i forgot to add that on Shadow Kiss and Frostbite, it cannot be Adrian because Adrian is described as having green eyes. Still… i loved all the covers and it was fun trying to figure out who the people were on the cover. if u go to richelle mead’s website, it shows that a 4th one will come out and possibly a 5th. i cant wait!!!!!!!! i hope they make a movie out of these books one day. 🙂

  17. on frostbite it’s suppose to be rose I believe (although I doubt it that’d be wierd casue rose isn’t a blonde and they had a diff chick on the first book..shrug) and that definitely is not Christian that’s suppose to be The strigoi Isaiah

  18. can anyone tell me who the models are on the cover? the characters are lissa and demetri, but i just wanna know what the hot dude is! 😛

  19. i think its rose and christian but at the end it kind of makes look like christian its turn to a strigio so maybe it was meant to be tricky.

  20. Vampire Academy – Rose
    Frostbite – The girl is Rose, and the guy is a mystery even to me. Without the red eyes, he’d be Christian.
    Shadow Kiss – Lissa and Dimitri

  21. in vampire academy the pic is rose.

    in frostbite da pic of the girl is rose and da boy is isaiah because in the book rose kills a strigoi for the first time in her life.

    in shadow kiss the girl is lissa and the boy is dimitri because in the front cover of the book it says somrthing about rose picking between the 2 people she loves most.

    this is what i think

  22. yeh i really want to know to. i actually want to know all of the peoples real names that are on the covers, but i can’t seem to find any website that tells me what their real names are

  23. eyy is de book “blood promis” cumen out dis july or aug…. i thought it was aug ?
    ether way i cant wait….. I’m lyk juming to thing… wah’s gune happen ….i hope dimitri cumes bac sum how…..

  24. ok it’s clear that on the first book that ist rose.cause it say “a dark and compelling world!rose is sassy dangerous-my kind of girl.”
    but on frost bite no one cann really say because the two people look nothing like anyone in the book! and on shadow kiss its lissa and dimitri because it say “if u had to pick bewteen ur best friend(lissa) or the one u love (dimitri [ only if it’s at rose point of view] i havent read it yet im tryin to get it some where cheap)


  26. VA ROSE
    FB MIA and ISAIAH (the girl is blonde w/short hair but obviously not lissa)
    SK LISSA and DIMITRI (the eyes give lissa away and i wish the guy was adrian but richele stresses adrians green eyes and thoes eyes are most definately not emerald green)

  27. Why is it Dimitri & LISA on the cover of Shadow Kiss? And why isn’t it Lisa & Christan on Shadow kiss on either one & then Rose & Dimitri on the other?

  28. I can’t read Shadow Kiss yet> : ( I can’t find a place to read it online. I’m trying to find a cheap place. I can’t wait 4 Blood Promise, the 4th book of VA. 🙂

  29. Well, this is what I thought:

    Vampire Academy: Rose

    Frostbite: At first I thought it was Lissa, but the eyes were brown, not green, then i thought it was Mia and the guy was Mason, but the guy didn’t have red hair. So then i settled it on Elena and Isaiah. Since Elena is a new Strigoi her eyes wouldn’t be totally red, actually her eye color was how i pictured a new born Strigoi.

    Shadow Kissed: Lissa and Christian. The guy looks WAY to much like how i pictured him. Personally I picture Dimitri with tannish skin, and long hair that pieces around the nape of his neck, with no stubble or faint beard. So yeah, i decided it to be Christian. And Lissa…well it was really obvious.

    I dont agree with the actual deal though. These are who I think they should be, you can say other wise though.

  30. um, why is everyone saying that the guy on the cover of shadow kiss is adrian??!! it is so obvious that its dimitri, hello! it says on the cover, that she “has to choose between them” and on the back clarifies that “them” is in fact lissa and dimitri, and the picture is of some random chic with the exact same features as lissa, and another random guy, gee wonder hu he is??

  31. and it is rose on frostbite, they just used a different model than the one on vampire academy, and she doesnt have blonde hair, just highlights!

  32. I am pretty sure that on the cover of VA it’s Rose on the cover of frostbite… Who Knows?! But on the cover of Shadow Kissed I think that the girl is Lissa because of the jade green eyes and blond hair but the guy I think the guy is Dimitri well he is really cute but the hair thing with how long or short it is… nobody can be perfect. I also think that for shadow kissed it is Lissa and Dimitri because Lissa brought Rose back to life in the first book and now Rose is shadow kissed also they say Rose will have to choose between either of them. It’s gonna be hard to choose because i am on frostbite at the part when the strigoi take Mia. I kinda read a little ahead and I am so worried for Mason i don’t what is going to happen to him if lives.

  33. Dimitri is TOTALLY HOT! I hope the frostbite guy isn’t Adrian because that guy isn’t as ht as I reckon Adrian should be. Lissa and rose were exactly like I pictured them, and I only pictured Dimitri a little ‘darker’. But he’s still perfect.

  34. Ok, so it’s definitely NOT Angelina Jolie… But I’m Pretty sure it is Rose. And if thats Rose on Vampire Academy, then it’s NOT Rose on Frostbite… Look at the pictures… Nothing alike! But at first I thought it was Elena, but she is Strigoi and should have red eyes. So then I thought maybe Mia, but she has blonde curls… So I’m totally lost for that one.. But I do think its Isiah, just not sure who else…And Shadow Kiss… Well it’s Lissa, but I don’t think its Dimitri… As much as i would like it to be Dimitri, I’m pretty sure its not… And it’s not Christian.. He has pale blue eyes and black hair… So then I was thinking Adrian, But he has green eyes… I’m so confused… I wish Richelle would just say… This is that person and so on… It would make my life easier…

  35. what is the guys name who is supposed to be Dimitri? He is totally cute. And I really need to know. :]]

  36. I think that the guy on the front of ‘Shadow Kiss’ looks alot like Cam Gigandet. Just his face though. haha,

  37. this is who i think they are: (i’d better be correct coz dimitri is damn hot!)

    vampire academy- rose

    frostbite- isaiah and lissa

    shadow kiss- lissa and dimitri (but dimitri has ling hair, but it says something like she has to chooses between her lover or friend so yer…)

    blood promise- rose (im not sure)

  38. This is soo confusing
    FB=Christian(without red eyes) and possibly Mia.
    Shadow Kiss=Dimitri and Lissa(exactly how I imained them!)

  39. Just to make it clear.
    VA- Rose
    FB- Isaiah and Rose (though I think the first one was should had been the model in that cover.(
    SK- Lissa and Dimitri
    BP- Rose

  40. yeah i am really confused because on the cover of “vampire academy” the girl as light-auburny hair has the colour eyes rose is supposed to have (dark brown) but is not that tanned, isn’t rose supposed to be tanned??

    and on the cover of frostbite, on my cover, the guys eyes look dark brown-ish so i thought it was dimitri and then again the girl looks like lissa but with too dark of eyes??

    and and then on shadow kiss my cover only has a picture of lissa?? on it because she has light hair and blue eyes.

    and on my cover of blood promise it has a quite tanned girl with darker looking hair, which looks like how rose should look?
    so i don’t know maybe my covers are different coz i’m in Australia.. :/

  41. i think on frostbite it’s the strogoi (Isiah) and the girl is MIA ! idk it just came to me because Mia WAS with rose and them when they met the strogoi

  42. it cant be christian on the cover of frost bite because christian has blue eyes and not red like the strogoi. so it has to be a strogoi!!!!

  43. DUUDE!! i think that Cayla is absolutely right! ok here is how i see it and choose to believe it.
    1st book, rose (thats not how i picture her, but thats who i choose to see the girl as).
    2nd book i guess it could be rose. and the guy is definitely the striogi. many ppl say he looks like christian, but i picture christian hotter.
    3rd is what i have the MOST PROBLEM WITH. the guy is CLEARLY ADRIAN!!! he is not dimitri and the guy fits adrians features perfectly. even the sultry look in his eyes 😉 perfect fit for adrian. 🙂 not dimitri.

    the book publishers have to do a better job of fitting the characters. if they put people in the covers, they gotta do it right!!

  44. ohh wait, the green eyes of adrian. that is true.. *sigh* he si still how i picture adrian, but i will just edit the eyes. dimitri deserves a little more of effort in trying to portray the character on the covfer :/ ..

  45. Vampire Academy: Rose
    Frost Bite: Mia (I think), and that strigoi guy Isaiah
    Shadow Kiss: Lissa and Dimitri as it says on the cover that Rose has to pick between the 2 that is why its obvious they are meant to be on it…
    hope this helped??

  46. Vampire Acad: Rose. Obviously.
    Frostbite: Isaiah the strigoi and Personally i think its meant to be Rose, because if you look close enough, the models look pretty much the same,.. the shape of the eyes, the nose, the ears and also the little bits of puffy skin under her eyes are the same. but it could also be Mia, because she is a pretty big part of the book.
    Shadow Kiss: Lissa, Obviously. Who else would have blonde hair and Green-green eyes? Duh. And I think its Dimitri with her because “This time, Rose will have to choose between them” is at the top, and she’s obviously not choosing between Lissa and Christian.

  47. VA – Rose
    FB – Isaiah and maybe Elena before she was awakened?? or maybe Lissa??
    SK – Lissa and Dimitri
    BP – Rose
    SB – Adrian and Rose
    LS – Lissa maybe??

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