Books, Books, Books.

* Writing My Way to Sanity – Karen Mahoney dishes on how she wrote herself out of a bad time. Ms Mahoney recently became a client of UF-loving agent Miriam Kriss.

* ABC has started up a LOST book club, a place to chat about the many books mentioned in the series. Several SF/F books are listed, check the website for all the details. [SF Signal]

* In support of the August 2, 2008 release of Stephenie Meyer’sBreaking Dawn”, Hachette Book Group USA has agreed to give away THREE SETS of the author’s Twilight Saga, including copies of “Twilight”, “New Moon”, “Eclipse” and the new book “Breaking Dawn”!!! So please read the rules below and completely fill out the form to enter! North American Residents Only. Giveaway ends Saturday, August 2, 2008 – 11:59AM PST. [Fantasy Book Critic]

* In anticipation for Bitten to Death and in response to fan demands, Jennifer Rardin has added a Fan Art page to her website!. See site for details on submissions. [Jennifer Rardin]

* Catch a sneak peek at Elizabeth Bear’s newest release Ink & Steel. The prologue and first three scenes of act one are posted. [Elizabeth Bear]

* And finally, a quick poll. We get a lot of books and we don’t need to keep all of them. We don’t mind shipping them out to folks who want to read them.

How do feel about winning a used book?

1) Sure.
2) No thanks.

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5 comments on “Books, Books, Books.

  1. I have no qualms whatsoever about winning a used book from your site. I think its a great way to recycle books you don’t intend to hold on to.

  2. A used book is still a readable book. If you ever have a contest, I don’t think many people would care about it being used.

    ~ Popin

  3. Wow! I got a mention on Urban Fantasy Land… *feels special* Cheers, guys.

    And I’d definitely be happy with used books. I’m not fussy! 😉

  4. Once again, thanks for the linkage! I know it’s been a while, so I hope all is well and keep up the wonderful job 🙂

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