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We want to hear from you! This site exists to bring together a wealth of information from all the worlds of urban fantasy for your reference.

You tell us: What are you looking for from us? Are there authors you’d like to hear more about? More prizes? More reviews by us? Less links to reviews by others? More paranormal romance? More news? Less news about crazy homicidal maniacs??

Answers will help determine the content of this website. So please take a moment to have your say.

Book Reviews:

1) more by UFL contributors
2) more links to others
3) no more book reviews

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1) UF only
2) some paranormal romance
3) some other genres (futuristic, SF, etc)

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How about TV & movie news?

1) More, more, more!
2) Maybe sometimes.
3) No more! Books only!

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If we missed something you want to comment about, or if you have suggestions, please tell us in the comments.



4 comments on “Tell Us How We’re Doing

  1. I love coming here to catch up on the latest news and tidbits in the UF genre. Your links are great and I’m always amazed at your thoroughness. Keep up the good work!

    If either or both of you wrote more frequent editorial type posts on various subjects pertaining to UF, PNR, Sci Fi, or futuristic genres, I would definitely enjoy that. But I also acknowledge that the time and effort you currently put in to research all the news, reviews and other awesome links that you already do, take a huge amount of time.

    Thanks for the great site! 🙂

  2. I voted for “some paranormal romance” just because there are now many hybrid UF/PNR books out and I think that’s a trend that will continue.

    I’m not a big fan of futuristic sci-fi, although if Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace sets off a new trend, then we might be seeing more Futuristic Urban Fantasies coming out.

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