Bits and Bites

Patricia Briggs has posted a sample chapter from Cry Wolf, due to hit shelves 29 July.

Author News
Anton Strout announced books 3 & 4 of his Simon Canderous series have been bought by Ace Books. We should see them on shelves until 2010 & 2011. In the meantime we will have to munch on Mr Strout’s short stories. Be sure to check out his photo contest.

Free Reads
Author Gena Showalter is giving away a bunch of books, including her own The Darkest Pleasure, Eve Kenin’s Hidden, and Majorie M Liu’s The Iron Hunt.

George Carlin was the best thing about Shining Time Station. He will be missed.
What was your favourite George Carlin moment?


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  1. I LOVE PATRICIA BRIGGS!!!! I really really really can’t wait for Cry Wolf. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow, or maybe and ARC? Pretty please? 😉 Sigh. Worth a try. I’m looking forward to M Liu’s the Iron Hunt too.

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