2 young women + 2 coasts + LJ = 1 hardcover book deal

Online collaboration has lead to a juicy book deal for a pair of 21 year olds. Danielle Bennett, from Victoria, and Jaida Jones, from New York, wrote a 400-page novel in only 18 days, after meeting via LiveJournal. The novel features flying metal dragons, magicians and a battle between rivals. Havemercy will be released in hardcover by Random House tomorrow. [via Globe and Mail]

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4 comments on “2 young women + 2 coasts + LJ = 1 hardcover book deal

  1. This story reminds me of a certain 16 year old and a book titled Eragon.

    Christine – With a hardcover release, I think they’re expecting it to do better than well. Instant bestseller.

    Rinda – I hear ya. They say they wrote a chapter a night, switching back and forth, and did very little sleeping and eating. I’m guessing they also didn’t do much house cleaning, laundry, child-rearing or husband-taming, either. *g*

    So here’s the new “Write a Bestseller on Your Vacation Plan”. All you need is 18 days off (away from work & family), a room with a desk, a chair, a coffee pot, a package of adult diapers, and a writing partner in an identical room, to collaborate with via the internet.

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