Poll: What Are Your Favorite Elements in Urban Fantasy?

As a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre, I read a lot of it and about it. In reading about the publishing of UF, I have run across information on trends and the supposed popularity of tropes, plots, creatures and devices used within the genre. One day it may be reported that vampires are completely passe and the next it will be faeries or shapeshifters or that publishers are just not looking for yet another crime-fighting wizard.

What do you think?

Below are three polls. Heroes and Heroines, Groups and Creatures and Powers. Vote for your favorites and I’ll post the results on June 2, 2008 and report back on what you have to say.

Commentary is heartily encouraged!

Who are your favorite heroes/heroines?

1] Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Heroines
2] Dominant No Female Can Resist Me Alpha Male Heroes
3] Detectives/Investigators
4] The Quiet Yet Resourceful Type
5] The Troubled Loner
6] The Magic User
7] Ordinary Humans
8]Cthulhu Worshippers

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What are your favorite groups or creatures in Urban Fantasy?

1] Vampires
2] Shapeshifters
3] Faeries/Elves
4] Zombies
5] Ghosts/Spirits
6] Superheroes
7] Demons
8] Undead Unicorns

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Favorite Powers

1] Natural/Inherent Magic
2] Witchcraft/Magecraft
3] Glamour/Persuasion
4] Psychometry
5] Mindreading/Telepathy
6] Teleportation
7] Necromancy/Reanimation
8] Inducing Fear

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12 comments on “Poll: What Are Your Favorite Elements in Urban Fantasy?

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  2. I loved this poll and can’t wait to see the results. The why would be cool also.

    Thanks for having an awesome blog!

  3. Pike: Thank you!

    Stacia: Popular, shmopular. You were the nudge for this, so thank you!

    Diane: Inspired by your answer, I am going to run a follow-up to the poll and ask why. Thanks for your kind words!

  4. What are your favorite groups or creatures in Urban Fantasy?

    That was the hardest one to answer because, for me, it is entirely dependent on the complexity of the world building that the author offers. For instance, I cannot get enough of KMM’s Fever series or LKH’s Merry Gentry series– both fey centered. But if it’s a story with a random fairy or two encountered in the forest? meh.

    Same thing applies to shifter stories which I also love when the world building is fleshed-out.

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  6. It’s hard to pick favourites for this, since I usually connect more with how the story comes about rather than the direct content. That said, I would love a more non-traditional urban fantasy setting that edges more into the mythic fiction arena, but retains the quick pacing and kickass-ness that pops up so often in urban fantasy 🙂

  7. I’m with BevQB. What draws me to urban fantasy is the clever way this ancient folklore is woven into this modern world. The change in world intrigues me.

  8. This was really hard for me to decide—for all three questions! My favorite creature was perhaps the most difficult, because it depends on the kind of urban fantasy. I really like elves and faeries in old school urban fantasy, such as Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks and in Charles de Lint’s work (he does terrific shape-shifters, too). In more recent urban fantasy, I really like vampires, even though the market seems glutted.
    (I’m going to save the rest of my commentary for when you poll us on “why”!).

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