Tuesday Briefs


Jackie Kessler as Jezebel interviews Jeri Smith-Ready as Ciara over at Cat and Muse.

Stephenie Meyer has posted an excerpt of The Host here.

Its Demon Week over at The League of Reluctant Adults. The Book Club is discussing Personal Demons by Stacia Kane.


Jes Battis reviews Greywalker by Kat Richardson.

Angieville reviews The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

Gladiolii reviews Uninvited by Amanda Marrone.


4 comments on “Tuesday Briefs

  1. Whaddup Lisa!

    Thanks for the shoutout for Demon Week! It’s Personal DemonS with an s, though. Personal Demon is Kelley Armstrong’s book.

    Did you guys notice that Urban Fantasy Land is one of our links?


  2. Yo Mark!

    No problem on the shoutout. I mean, how often does someone have Demon Week? I think it’s full of win.

    Thanks for finding mah typo *ahem*. Spellchecker isn’t equipped to know when I’m referencing Stacia and when I’m referencing Ms. Armstrong much to mah current chagrin. Is fixed. 😉

    I *did* notice the props! Thank you for the linkage! We appreciate it.

    Ciao Bello!

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