Wednesday Briefs


Tate Hallaway will be participating in an author/reader chat on Thursday, May 8 at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

Library Journal interviews Stephenie Meyer.

Jeri Smith-Ready interviews Jenna Black. Here is a teaser:

What was your inspiration for writing HUNGERS OF THE HEART?

Since the first book of the Guardians of the Night series, I’ve always known I would eventually write Drake’s book. Many of my readers have also impatiently been awaiting his book since they first “met” him in WATCHERS IN THE NIGHT. As excited as I was to write his story, though, it turned out to be very hard to do. One of the most attractive things about Drake in WATCHERS was his self-confidence, the sense that he was comfortable in his own skin.


Firstshowing has a Twilight Movie Trailer. Twilight is based on the hugely successful books by Stephenie Meyer.


Literary Escapism reviews Minion by L.A. Banks.
Paula Guran from Juno Books reviews Personal Demons by Stacia Kane.