Help a Reader Out: Stein & Banks Art

This week in my inbox, I received this question from a reader: Who are the cover artists for Jeanne C. Stein and L.A. Banks? I found the name of Ms Banks’s artist over at Wikipedia, “The cover art for this series was done by Vince Natale. Other illustrations for this series were done by Eric Battle.” I’ve been able to confirm Natale did the cover of MINION, the first book in the Vampire Huntress Legend series. But not the later covers, and so far no luck for finding Ms Stein’s artist.

So, I’m putting the question to the minds of the urban fantasy community. Who did the cover art for Jeanne C. Stein?

And who did the later covers for L.A. Banks– was it Natale, Battle, or someone else?


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  1. Thank you. When I asked about the identities of these cover artist I didn’t imagine that to help me out you wold open a post. Thanks. Now me and other members of anobii have our answer.

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