Monster Hunter International: real or fantasy?

I’ve been studying this bestseller list as quoted on a blog, for the last few hours, and I can’t decide. If it’s real, then this self-published author beat out big, traditional-published authors, such as Jim Butcher and Caitlin Kittredge. If it’s real, then kudos to him! (According to the site, the book has been picked up by a traditional publisher and will be available on shelves in a matter of months.)

Here’s an excerpt from the author, Larry Correia’s LiveJournal:

Pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly. On Page 69 is the best-sellers chart. Entertainment Weekly will contact one big independant bookstore and use their list. Luckily for me, this week was Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction & Fantasy mega-store.

#1 Outlaw Demon Wails – Kim Harrison

#2 Snake Agent – Liz Williams

#3 Monster Hunter International – Larry Correia

#4 White Night – Jim Butcher

#5 Goblin War – Jim C. Hines

#6 Rollback – Robert J. Sawyer

#7 Night Life – Caitlin Kittredge

#8 Liaden Universe Companion – Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

#9 Into a Dark Realm – Raymond E. Feist

#10 Across the Face of the World – Russell Kirkpatrick

Amazing! The novel, Monster Hunters International, sounds great:

Five days after Owen Zastava Pitt pushed his insufferable boss out of a fourteenth story window, he woke up in the hospital with a scarred face, an unbelievable memory, and a job offer.

It turns out that monsters are real. All the things from myth, legend, and B-movies are out there, waiting in the shadows. Officially secret, some of them are evil, and some are just hungry. On the other side are the people who kill monsters for a living. Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in the business.

And now Owen is their newest recruit. It’s actually a pretty sweet gig, except for one little problem. An ancient entity known as the Cursed One has returned to settle a centuries old vendetta. Should the Cursed One succeed, it means the end of the world, and MHI is the only thing standing in his way. With the clock ticking towards Armageddon, Owen finds himself trapped between legions of undead minions, belligerent federal agents, a cryptic ghost who has taken up residence inside his head, and the cursed family of the woman he loves.

Business is good…

Welcome to Monster Hunter International.


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  1. I don’t know if the bestseller list is real or not, but the excerpt of the book on Larry Correia’s LiveJournal is great! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it. Thanks for the link.

  2. Great blog. I love deep thinkers. As a note, check out this blog: ! Thought that you or readers may like to read it???? What is the WORLD is this blog all about? End of the World type stuff! Or someone driking too much!! TALK ABOUT REAL OR FANTACY!!?? Again good content!

  3. Thank you. I’m the author. That list isn’t made up, believe me, I don’t have a good enough imagination to come up with something that far fetched.

    The owner of Uncle Hugo’s was an early fan of my work, and was the first major bookstore that ordered any copies. It was just lucky for me that they were the one picked by Entertainment Weekly this time around.

    I wrote MHI, then spent 2 years getting rejected. I was told over and over that it was good, but they didn’t think it was marketable, or that it would sell well. So I took the suicidal plunge into self-publishing, and it actually worked out pretty well. The highest I’ve been ranked on the Amazon bestseller list for Contemporary Fiction (where they lump most Urban Fantasy) was #40.

    I’ve just signed with a real publisher, but don’t have a date yet of when the official version of MHI will be released.

    -Larry Correia

  4. The book is non-stop action and fun to read. I am not into the whole fantasy/monster/SciFi thing but I had to force myself to put the book down go to work. Lots of surprises, twists and more.

  5. Bordeauxxx: I think it sounds great, as well. I’m looking forward to it hitting the shelves.

    Larry: Congratulations! Good for you for believing in your work! Please let us know when you have news, and in the meantime I’ll be watching the shelves. Hopefully your publisher won’t keep us hanging for too long. (I love the patches, by the way. What a great idea!)

    Miguel: MHI sounds like my kind of book!

    Stacia: Excellent! Thanks for letting us know!


  6. I’m a big fan of MHI myself and must say it’s one of the best Urban fantasy i ever had the chance of reading. Cuddos to mister Correia for a great book and proving that perseverance can pay and that most publisher don’t know squat about what should get plublished and mostly produce books without imagination while consistently rejecting books that show either intellectual complexity or a different approach. I eagerly await the next book in the serie and recommends it to everyone who looks for more than cheap romance in urban fantasy.

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