[REVIEW] Personal Demons by Stacia Kane


Stacia Kane

Series: Megan Chase, Book 1

Juno Books [April 2008]

When psychological counselor, Megan Chase, agrees to “Slay Your Personal Demons” on her radio show, she has no idea that demons exist and that they are going to take her seriously.

Luckily for Megan she finds a protector in the handsome stranger she finds on her doorstep, Greyson Dante. But does he only have her best interests at heart or is she swayed by the undeniable attraction between them? Her life is made even more interesting by Brian, a reporter determined to get at what he believes is the “hidden story” instead of the human interest piece on Megan he was assigned to do as well as the arrival of Malleus, Maleficarum and Spud, her new demon guards that are to be by her side literally 24/7. A visit to the local Fearbusters meeting also leaves her with more questions than answers and with a feeling that the meetings don’t have much to do with busting fear.

Personal Demons is fast-paced, well-written and downright scary in places. The action doesn’t let up, although it does slow down at times so you can catch your breath and the love scenes between Greyson and Megan are hot enough to steam up your glasses.

Kane’s third person POV style is tight and descriptive. The characters are well developed and consistent. Malleus, Maleficarum and Spud and very funny. I love how she took a reference to a legendary treatise on witchcraft and with a jaunty wink and a nod, added Spud. There were a couple of places where there was so much going on in the action that I felt a little overloaded with it but not enough that I got taken out of the story.

I really enjoyed Personal Demons and look forward to reading more of Ms. Kane’s work. Personal Demons will be released this month. The Demon Inside, book two of the Megan Chase series, will be released in January, 2009.

Rating: B+

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  1. Nice review! I can’t wait to read the book! I stupidly was looking for it the other night at the bookstore… oops! Ah well. Soon!!

    BTW- LOVE the new look to the site! I SWEAR it’s not only b/c it’s greener. 😉


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