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Dear Author posted Highland Press Warnings:

“Highland Press authors have complained about lack of communication with its publisher, with all communication being diverted to a secret co-publisher, DeborahAnne MacGillvray. Ms. MacGillivray is an author published by Highland Press (among other presses including Dorchester and Kensington) and also serves as a cover artist for Highland Press.

Among other things, Highland Press is purported to do the following:

  • Banning authors from author loops for speaking out against Highland Press
  • Sending emails to subsequent publishers of those “problem” authors demanding that stock photography that the author purchased for the covers of her Highland Press books not be used by subsequent publishers. These stock photos can be used, as we know, by every publisher out there. I’m not sure on what basis Highland Press claims that stock photo cannot be used.
  • Using MacGillivray’s position to delete reviews she has provided to these problem authors and deleting reviews of the author’s friends.  (Of course, these are MacGillivray’s reviews and she is entitled to do whatever she wants with them).”

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  1. The best thing to do in these types of situations is to find out the facts – all of them. I am a very happy and satisfied Highland Press author. The so-called authors who are hurling these accusations are the same women over and over. They are on a pathetic campaign to smear The Highland Press because they breached their contracts and, as is their right, The Highland Press cancelled their contracts. They are screaming to anyone who will listen – but they neglect to leave out why their contracts were cancelled – they have no one to blame but themselves. They are loving the attention – the “oh, my gosh, what unprofessional people you dealt with – poor you.” Has it stopped the growth of The Highland Press? Not in the least. Only shows how pathetic they are in their attempts to ruin a publishing house that tried to give them a chance. Now they are using Deborah MacGillivray’s name outright – they have accused her and the publisher of stalking, yet, the way I see it, they are stalking The Highland Press and Deborah MacGillivray, in particular. Stalking, libel and slander. I have strongly recommended The Highland Press seek legal counsel and get a restraining order. These women are truly pathetic. All I can say is what comes around, goes around – their day will come and they will be poison in this business for their tactics.

  2. I did not breach my contract. I decided I wanted no future contracts with a company that allowed others to call me a bitch, fling the F-word at me, tell me to go to hell and threaten me with physical violence, if only I lived close enough to the person making the threat (this all happened on the Highland Press Author’s loop). I requested a story under submission, but not contracted, be pulled. In addition to that being returned, and in reaction to the unprofessional behavior of others on the loop (because I used no foul language, made no threats)I was told by Leanne Burroughs:

    “I believe it would be best if we keep our professional dealings to books currently released. That said, I am releasing [contracted work] back to you as well.”

    As upset as I was at the way I was treated, I planned to fullfil my obligation to this company and live up to my contracted works. Instead I was kicked off a project that I proposed to the press and three other people where allowed to publish in the anthology that I thought up and proposed.

    Now, I request that you post what I did that breached my contract. I have only seen you say we did something, but you’ve offered no proof. And, hon, talking to other authors about the rants of a co-publisher is not contract-breaking worthy.

    It’s been five months since this happened and Highland Press is still bullying ex-authors. Because it was not us who caused this latest fiasco, but Highland Press’s owner when she contacted another publishing house and caused trouble over a public photo. If you’re going to play with fire, you’re going to be burned. Highland Press could have let us all go our merry way. Instead, they stalked one of the ex-authors to the point of contacting her current publisher. Now it has to deal with the consequences its own actions.

    I didn’t put up with bullying when I was an author with them and I sure as heck am not going to put up with it when they breached a contract and kicked me out of their house. Once you do that, you don’t have any rights over me.

    I have evidence of the name calling and threats, as do the other authors. So, Victoria, what proof do you have that I did ANYTHING that warranted having my contract nulled and voided?

  3. Victoria, if anyone has breached the contract, it’s Highland Press. I have found TWO different things breached due to HP’s neglect and abuse on their authors. Yet, they haven’t admitted their mistake, and they haven’t given me my rights back. Yet they DID breach the contract!

    I’ll show you proof if you want!

  4. this is scary – aren’t we to be like Jesus!!!!!!! wooooo……………………………..what a witness

    Forgive one another

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