Harper Collins to Start New Imprint

From the Yahoo article:

“Our goal will be to effectively publish books that might not otherwise emerge in an increasingly ‘big book’ environment, an environment in which established authors are under enormous pressure to top their previous successes, while new authors are finding it harder and harder to be published at all,” Miller said in a statement issued Thursday by HarperCollins, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and already the distributor of Hyperion.

New York Times Article


4 comments on “Harper Collins to Start New Imprint

  1. It is. The details of the actual execution haven’t been hammered out, but if they are successful, I wonder if it could signal change in the wind or not.

  2. It sounds like they’re taking on the ebook publisher model of conduct. For epub contracts, author cuts of 50% of net (price minus costs) is pretty well standard.

    Nice site you have here, by the way.

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    Heather S. Ingemar

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