[REVIEW] Magic Burns – Ilona Andrews



Ilona Andrews

Series: Kate Daniels, Book 2

Ace Penguin Group USA [April 1, 2008]

Magic Burns, book two of the Kate Daniels series, opens to find her in familiar surroundings: helping her friend Jim with a tag and being left to clean up the mess.

Every seven years a magic flare appears upsetting the balance between magic and tech allowing for all manner of mythological creature to manifest with the possibility of deadly results.

After some items are stolen from the shapershifter’s not once but twice, Kate is enlisted to hunt down the thief. During her search, she runs across a young girl name Julie who is suddenly thrust into Kate’s care as well as a the mysterious thief who is, among other things, able to breach the Keep’s security bringing Curran and all of his alpha-ness into the fray.

Kate is tough as nails as we expect her to be but shows some growth as a character. She shows some vulnerability in her relationships, some forethought in her decisions but never loses her razor sharp wit or acid tongue. I especially love her exchanges with Curran.

Magic Burns is the second book in the series but the story could be read as a stand alone. She gives enough detail that those who have not read Magic Bites, the first book in the Kate Daniels series would still enjoy it and the story arc is resolved. But I would recommend reading Magic Bites because it will give background information and it is a really good book. 🙂

Ms. Andrews’ writing is stellar. It is lushly descriptive and economical. Every word has a point and a place bringing her dark version of Atlanta to pulsating life. The action is non-stop, fast-paced and gritty. The world is dark, brimming with magic and danger. We also learn some details about Kate’s background and the relationship between Kate and Curran is fraught with tension of more than one variety and is above all, fun as hell. I definitely look forward to the next installment, Midnight Games to be released in 2009.

Rating: A-

Magic Burns will be released April 1, 2008 and Magic Bites is available now.

Lisa Trevethan