Good News for Marta Acosta Readers

Good news, everyone! Marta Acosta has just announced that she’s sold two more books to Simon & Schuster. There’ll be an as-yet-untitled fourth book in the Casa Dracula series, following the publication of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula and The Bride of Casa Dracula. And there’ll be a new book called Nancy’s Theory of Style, but I’m not sure if it’s paranormal. I don’t know what Nancy’s theory of style is, but I go along the lines of “try not to dress trashy, and try not to dress like a bogan” – which means I’ll have to change out of my tracky-dacks before I leave the house today.

Oh, and the lovely Ms Marta is giving away a new mass market edition of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula every day at Vampire Wire. If you don’t like free books, then you and I have nothing in common!

Oh, and re the photo of Manny with Midnight Brunch: he may have his back to the book, but that is in no way significant of his feelings toward it. Because if you look closely, he has a happy look on his face, and he can be downright miserable at times. (And if you had to live with me, you’d be downright miserable, too.) So his happiness is clearly a sign that he has no problem with Ms Marta. And word on the street is that there are Australians in Midnight Brunch – we’ll be the judge of how realistic they are 😉

Don’t forget to read my interview with Ms Marta here.

Have a lovely day! 🙂

Tez Miller