Cover Art for Richelle Mead’s SHADOW KISS

Here we have the cover art for Shadow Kiss, the third book in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy, series. Not to fear, readers; I think she’s under contract to write more 😉

[scheduled for release 13 Nov 2008]

[Find out which characters are on the cover: here.]

[Excerpt from Richelle Mead’s Shadow Kiss.]

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  1. Oooo!!! That reminds me! Not long until ‘Frostbite’ comes out! It has been on pre-order ever since the pre-order function for this book was avaliable 😉

  2. oooooo…I love these books.. i read the second one in a day becuz i couldn’t put it down…i so cant wait until the 3rd one comes out!!! the second one by the way was by far the best!!!!

  3. It’s probably Christian on the cover, Dimitri has long hair, plus it would make sense for Christian and Lissa to be on the cover.

  4. i love this series i read the book like 5 times both of then ohh so thats lissa she looks cute chritian looks liike a stigoi from this view :]

  5. when will this book come out like the date ?
    I CANT WAIT Ive been dying for it to come out like seriously !

  6. i would hafta say its Dimitri just cuz the quote says “what would you do if you had to pick between your best friend and your lover” (or something along those lines) so it would make most sense that it would be Lissa and Dimitri

  7. Richelle Mead I was wondering who is on the cover of all of your books? I think Rose is on the firstone is that right I am a hughe fan and I really would like to know please e-mail me

  8. omfg i cant believe thats lissa well is it? and whos the guy in the back? omg cant wait to read it

  9. omg im so freakin obsessed with these books!! its like an addiction! now november 13 is my new favorite day. lol
    my friend got me into these and i love her so much!!!! ugh im shaking i need to read it!

  10. ohh wow yay !!!
    november 13 is my best friends birthday ! :]
    ohh so that dimitri AHHH he is what i thought he was :]]]]]
    but long hair did he cut it ?

  11. I love this series. i so cant wait for the next one to come out. I think that becuz of the quote on the cover says “what if you had to chose between your best friend and the one you love.” it could mean lissa will have to choose between rose and her boyfriend to. I dont know i so cant wait to find out!!

  12. I love these books. I cant wait till the 3rd one comes out. Do you guys know if that is Christian or Dimitri on the cover? It would make sense both ways. I hope no one important dies.

  13. Grr! I cannot wait until Shadow Kiss comes out. Waiting until November seems like a whole world away. I’m also anxious to know who’s on the cover. 🙂

  14. I’m just really hoping she doesn’t pull a stunt like making one of the books from Lissas POV. [I can’t stand when that happens, since it takes away from the book, and ruins the connection the reader had with the main character. That is why this cover featuring Lissa has me slightly anxious.]

  15. I can’t wait until November either! We don’t know for sure that it’s Lissa on the cover. And the guy could be Adrian, too, although I’m not sure why he would be on it. He seems to look most like Adrian to me, though.

  16. WHO IS ON THE COVER i no the girl is lissa but who is the hot guy suppossd to be i love this series so much i went crazy because i didnt have the second on and read the 1st and 2nd in 1 day each i cant wait for the third one

    if u no the guy email me

  17. I went onto Richelle Meads blue succubus website ( http:/ ) and Richelle said that it was Lissa and dimitri on the cover for Shadow Kiss.

  18. i cannot wait until it comes out. I read frostbite like in a day cause it was so good (even better then the first and they say the first one is the best) oh man I hope nothing happens to rose and dimitris relationship cause i like them together

  19. i love this series and i do not think it is dimitri on the cover he has long hair and y would he cut it? i think it is lissa and christian as for the people wjo were wotting about that meaning it might be in lissas point of view i do not think so i think she just wanted to show more of the characters and maybe they are just going to play a major role in the next book or something?but if it is christian Damn he is hot!!!

  20. Um..maybe it is adrian ivashcov on the cover? who knows, either way i can’t wait till the third book comes out!!!

  21. Ummm… I read on this blog were Richelle Mead said that it is Lisa and Demetri on the cover. it is suposed to be like u are rose and are looking at them and having to choose between them. Just so yall know..

  22. OMG! That means that he cut his hair! he is soooo hot! I can’t wait for this book, its only second to Breaking Dawn. Sorry Richelle Mead

  23. it doesnt mean he cut his hair. It means they found an actor/model person that looked some-what like Dimitri.

  24. Oh and by da way I almost forgot…. I don’t know if you can see it but on the cover of shadow kiss it say’s……
    “What if you had to choose between your best friend and the person you love most”!
    It may be a hint of what is to come!!!!!!

    me + demetri 4 ever!! ~lol~

  25. but why would it be christian..? wouldn’t it make sense for it to be dimitri? because it says rose has to pick between lissa and dimitri… i think it it DIMITRI ❤

  26. OMG!! I love the Vampire Academy series!! Its the best EVER!! I have NO clue who is on the cover cuz i thought Christian was on the Frostbite cover and Dimitri has long hair in a ponytail!!! I wanna know SO bad!!! Also, cant wait to read what happenes! Im hooked!! lol! LOVE THESE BOOKS

  27. I just got done with the second and it is better than the first and i can not wait till the third to come out and it took me like two hours just to read the 1st and 2nd both

  28. It’s Lissa and Dimitri on the cover, Richelle said so. I think it’s the two of them because Rose has to choose betwwen the two.. who will it be… her best friend, or her one true love…



  29. The expert is out on the web i red it right away. Its freaking awesome. And you will sooo, want to know what happens next. I heart these series. Cant wait for nov. 13th

  30. I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES!!! i already read the 3rd but i am not going to say anything but…. on the cover it could be Dimitri or Christian because it’s rose’s point of view and she is looking at the 2 people that she love the most. It can also be christian because lissa loves christian very much and on the top it says if u would choose ur best friend or the person u love most… THAT IS ALL IM GOING TO SAY!!!! o and the vampire academy series is on the same level from the twilight series for me!! I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY!!

  31. if u have any questions on the books or any other… i assure u that i have all the answers. LOL!! reading is my #1 thing in the world, especially if it includes vampires!! 🙂 everyone in my school comes to me to see what book i am reading because they all know that it must be good. LOL!!

  32. can any1 tell me who the actual model for demetri is (it’s obvious the characters are lissa n demetri!) but can any1 tell me who the heck is the hot model?!?!

  33. I know what the name of the fourth vampire academy book will be!!!!! ITS going to be called BLOOD PROMISE and it comes out in JULY 2009!!!!!
    i cant wait!!!!!

  34. yah also theres gonna be a 5th book called ‘title TBA’ (coming out in 2010)
    it said so on richelle meads website

  35. okay wats the guy on the covers real name in real life hes to fine!!!…send me an e-mail if u know!!!

  36. the first one is rose the second is rose and the strigoi and the 3rd is lissa and dimitri… and i know bcuz its on her website.,, and dimitri on this cover looks like miley cyrus’ boyfriend…. its weird….

  37. I freaking love these books. I cant wait for the forth book to come out!!! I was completely crushed for Rose at the end of shadow kiss!!! I hate that im going to have to wait until july or august to get the forth!!!! I think this series is equally as good as twilight; they are so different its really hard to compare. But if you like these then read the house of night novels they are pretty good too!!

  38. Recommended books that u’ll love:
    -Blue Bloods series (Melissa De La Cruz)
    -Vampire Academy series(of course!! Richelle Mead)
    – House of Night series (P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast)
    – Vampire Diaries series (L.J. Smith)
    – Secret Circle series (L.J. Smith)
    Twilight series(Duh!!! Stephenie Meyer)
    – The Mortal Instruments series (Cassandra Claire)
    -Evernight series (Claudia Gray)
    – Wicked Lovely series (Melissa Marr)
    All of these books i have read and they are awesome!!!!!!!!! im keeping track of when the next book will arrive in all of these series!!! I already know all the names of the upcoming books in each of these series!!!!!!!! im so excited!!!!!!!!!

  39. i am so wid u i have read almost eevery book u suggest n i totaly love it…..
    u guyz have to read all tohuse ….waiteh forthe fouth book…can hardly wait……
    any1 else crushed by Dimitri’s death ….
    😥 i love him ……<3

  40. OMG!! i just saw the cover for the fourth vampire academy novel and i cant wait!!!! It seems like there is going to be 2 more books after that!! go to and see the cover for the fourth book!! the excerpt comes out in July something. cant wait!! 🙂

  41. OhMyGod!
    I know the cover for BLOOD PROMISE totally
    And the guy on shadow kiss i hope to God it is Dimitri.
    I think Jillian that it makes better sense for Dimitri to be the one;Because it is Rose who has to make the Decision in chosing her buddy Lissa or the guy she Loves(:
    I love this Series.

  42. plzzzzzz u guys, who is the model on the cover of shadow kiss as dimitri?!?! and 2 mimiski34- that guy totally looks like slutty cyrus’s BF(justin gaston i think his name is) but it’s not him! they look like they could be fraternal twins or something tho! lolz~ but seriouly, who the heck is that guy?!?!? some1 plz help?~

  43. The man on the cover has been confirmed to be Dimitri Belikov. Although this wasn’t really how Richelle Mead imagined him to look like this, but it would make a lot of sense since Rose would have t pick between Lissa(Vasilisa) or Dimitri! Im not gonna tell you anymore of the book cuz I know that I am just going to spoil it for people who haven’t read it yet. Shadow Kiss is by far the best book of the series (in m y opinion) and I am very eager to start reading Blood Promise(the book after Shadow Kiss) which comes out in August 25, 2009!

  44. This cover is a picuter of Lissa and Dimitri. Trust me, I have a conection to the auther. So everyone, Just calm down! wow is it that hard to get!?
    on the cover of the book above (whitch is NOT the finnal cover of the book) it says: What if you had to choose between your best friend (Lissa) and the person you love most (Dimitri)
    On the finnnal cover of the book it says: This time, Rose will have to choose between them.( refering to Lissa and Dimiri)
    Anyway…that is exactlly how i imagined Dimiri but with longer hair.

  45. Buttt…i agree with the person above me ^^ i am wundering who the modle for Dimitri on this cover! if anyone knows…tell me plz!!! If not ill have to talk to RICHELLE, and u all know how bussy she is. It will take a while to get in touch with her.soooo plz help! i dont like calling RICHELLE for stupid qestions like this one!

  46. omg i love these books read all except blood promise , i would love to know what dat guys real name is on the front cover ( i nonit’s dimitri in the book but would like to no da models name)
    email me please , i hope 1 day theres a movie from these books and would be great if u used dat guy on da cover as dimitri (so hot) plz tell me guy on da front cover’s real name thankz 🙂

  47. It is Dimitri people because Rose has to pick between Lissa and Dimitri in the book.
    What I want to know is what the guy’s real name is or let’s say the model’s name.

  48. YES, the dude on the cover is Dimitri. It’s not Christian because the cover says “Rose will have to choose between them” and the end of it results in her having to choose between Lissa and Dimitri. (I know, because I’ve read it). And anyway, why would Christian be on the cover?!

  49. I think the cover Dimitri looks like James in Twilight.
    Yes, the hair, but if you look close at James when he’s halfway through turning away, he looks to be wearing a wig.

  50. ive been finding the guy on shadow kiss cover ….no luck….i tried looking in the photographer’s website…matthias luck either….the hot guy still remains unnamed…

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