UF Website Idol – round 2

Jocelynn Drake launched her new website this week, and recently a few authors revamped their websites, but how do they do in our Website Idol? Find out behind the cut. (For the first round, click here.)

Jocelynn Drake‘s new website is sleek and professional-looking, but it’s got the dreaded black background and the problem of all new authors: not enough content. However, Drake gets points for posting fun photos. Just wish there were more. Declaration: It will do. For now.

Vicki Pettersson recently re-vamped her website. Very reader-friendly and full of content. Not updated as often as her MySpace or Blogger, but we really can’t complain since she does put up lots of new material at these other places. The only complaint I have about the website is that the header graphic takes up my whole browser screen. Declaration: Looks good!

Jeaniene Frost also recently over-hauled her website, and while the new site is very user-friendly, easy to read and visually interesting, it needs more content. A picture gallery would be great. There’s supposed to be deleted scenes coming soon, and this would also be a great addition. Declaration: Needs more accessories!

Anton Strout did something very few authors seem to do but really should: he put the author quotes on the home page. Too many other authors hide them inside their websites. This aside, it’s not a good sign to see as the first words “The incessant ramblings of Anton Strout”. (You’re an author. That makes you interesting. And I’m visiting your website because you are interesting. Don’t tell me you’re boring as soon as I get there. Make me want to stay.) Also, the site loses points for being difficult to navigate. Declaration: Needs a make-over!

Another author to make-over her own website, Rachel Vincent gets points for some lovely, shiny artwork, but loses points for being difficult to navigate and for using that dreaded black background. Lots of great content here, though, with more added every week or so. Declaration: It will do. For now. (I’d like to see the navigation issues fixed soon!)

At Caitlin Kittredge‘s website, there’s a really cool book containing all the links. Unfortunately, the book takes up my entire browser screen, and not all the links are working (like the photo gallery)– the links lead to more links. Also, the very vine-y background is a bit disturbing to the eyes. Declaration: Needs better accessories!

Jenna Black‘s website suffers the dreaded black background, but she does have lots of great stuff, including a fun game and free reads. Needs more pictures, though. Declaration: Needs better accessories!

Karen Chance‘s website starts with one of those book trailer type intros. Skipping the intro takes you to the About the author page. The news is buried under a news page. Lots of stuff here, but it’s difficult to navigate through. Declaration: Needs a make-over!

Jennifer Rardin‘s site has a fab white background that matches the covers of her books. The drops of blood are a little gruesome, though. The blog is on the front page, which is convenient, but a little too personal. The site is shy on fresh, fun content. Declaration: Needs more accessories!

Justin Gustainis‘s website is frequently updated with info. The layout is easy on the eyes. I’d like to see some more fresh and fun content, though. Declaration: Needs more accessories!

Kat Richardson‘s site is graphically deprived. Not a single image on the home page, and very few images throughout. And then there’s the “Kitty Litter”. Declaration: Needs a make-over!

Cheyenne McCray has a great looking website, lots of information, and it’s easy to read and use. Declaration: Looks great!

Kristopher Reisz‘s website is graphically interesting, easy to use and readable. It’s a little shy on content, but I expect more interesting things will pop up over time. Declaration: Looks great!