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This pretty thing here is the cover art for Carrie Ryan’s young adult zombie novel The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Due out sometime in 2009 – I’d say May, but that’s really a rough estimate. As far as I know, only US rights have been sold, so those of us (me) in faraway Australia may never get our hands on this goodie.

In other news, the title of Patricia Briggs’s fourth Mercy novel will be Bone Crossed (which may or may not be changed). From the title, I’m guessing it could be about grave-robbing, zombies or ghosts, but I really have no idea. Speak up, Wise Ones, if you know more than I.

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Tez Miller


8 comments on “Cover Art & Title News

  1. Oh zombie novel. So exciting! I wonder how the topic is handled in books. Normally watching movies with zombies makes me an insomniac for around three days.

  2. Patricia Briggs said in an interview on Nalini Singh’s blog that the novel Bone Crossed would be about the vampires again, and that Stefan would have a big part in it.

  3. That’s a lovely cover and ooh, I can’t wait for Bone Crossed! As I understand it, Stefan has a big role in this one because it has to do with vampires.

  4. Lovely cover (and title!). I too cannot wait for the new Mercy Thompson. Bone Crossed, eh? I’m hoping for zombies too. My favorite shapeshifter and my favorite ‘monsters’ all wrapped up together in a book? It’s a dream come true.

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