Inked Again

Remember the Jane Henderson brew-ha-ha? Sarah at Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels got a copy of Melissa Marr’s Ink Exchange, the centre of the controversy, and weighs in with her two-cents’ worth with this and more to say:

One of Henderson’s concerns was whether 12 year old girls ought to read this book. My answer: “Without equivocation: Fuck, yeah.” The story explores themes that will give a young woman entering puberty a buffet of crucial topics to think about, topics that become particularly important because around 12 years old, my hormones hit the highway to Pueblo Loca and I was batshit miserable through most of it. This book is about so many layered and devastating things that affect teenagers, including sex, sexual assault, autonomy, addiction, strength, power, powerlessness, and how easy it is for damaged children to be taken advantage of by those with agendas of their own.

Would it be catty of me to say “Ha! I *told* you so, Ms Henderson!”?
The only “niche” readers around here are those who only read the whole book if it’s written by someone from St Louis.