Introducing Lisa!

We have a new contributor here at UFLand: Lisa Trevethan! Let’s give her a big, warm welcome!

Here’s Lisa’s story:

I discovered Urban Fantasy/Mythic Fiction through War for the Oaks by Emma Bull.  It was the first book I’d ever read that brought the world of faery
into a contemporary urban setting.  From there, I moved on to DeLint and
Hamilton (actually started with Merry Gentry series first and moved on to
the Anita Blake series later) and it has just snowballed from there.  I am
constantly reading something and there are books that I will re-read with
some regularity because of the way they make me feel.  And that is key
with me.  The book needs to make me feel something.

It is a genre I never tire of, whether it’s faeries, vamps, shapeshifters
or real people thrown into extraordinary worlds or situations.  It never
ceases to amaze me where a writer’s imagination can take them and how new
life can be breathed into  what some people might say is a tired out
mythos when seen through different eyes.  I think it’s an extraordinary
accomplishment to create a story that makes the unbelieveable, believable.

Some of my favorite authors are in the heavy hitting H’s:  Hamilton,
Harris and Harrison.  I’m also very partial to Rachel Caine, Patricia
Briggs, Faith Hunter and J.R. Ward (I’m a series slut, I can’t help it).
I don’t think Urban Fantasy or its sub genres are going anywhere for a
good, long time.  As long as they are kicking out good reads, I’ll stick
around to read about it, talk about it and write about it.


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  1. Howdy-ho, Lisa 🙂 I’m Tez, also know as your Dimwitted Sidekick here at UFL. You know in those cartoons and such where the hero is the smart one, but they have an idiot partner-in-crime? Lindsay and you are the heroes, and I make you look even more intelligent in comparison 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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