Interview with Strout and Henry

*headdesk* interviews Anton Strout and Mark Henry.

Here’s a snip:

*headdesk*: The release date of both of your books is February 26th only mere days away. How are you feeling right about now?

Anton: Medicated. Heavily, heavily medicated. Stuff you buy in an alley off a guy medicated.

But now that the wheels of publication are so close, I’m a little relieved because it all feels so out of my control now that there’s nothing to do but try to relax. Drugs help tho….

Mark: I’ve thrown caution to the wind and eschewed my psychiatrist’s advice; I’ve gone medication free. I really want to get the full experience of my first book. No buffers. I want it all, the heart palpitations, the shortness of breath…the voices. I really should be sleeping, too. But the hallucinations are just too pretty.