The Urban Fantasy Authors Club

Cat at Beyond Books posts about urban fantasy authors all knowing each other. She names Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr and Vicki Pettersson as members of the ring. Yes, in fact many of them do know each other, though they didn’t meet prior to signing book deals. The meetings came as a result of the deals and out of defense of having penned something that didn’t fit with anything else. There just wasn’t a wealth of experience to draw on, so the authors contacted each other, connected and helped each other out, becoming friends in the process.

Also, the authors named don’t blurb books they don’t like. So you know you’re getting a good story when you see a quote from one of them.


4 comments on “The Urban Fantasy Authors Club

  1. Ooh! I feel all famous now! 🙂 I just discovered this blog yesterday and ended up with an additional 25+ books on my wishlist after reading through the archives… was a good girl and didn’t end up with 25+ new purchases though.

    I just found it neat that I end up drawn to books and then find out the authors are promoting each other. Obviously they are all the same genre, but I seem to do that in all aspects of my life and am amused when I find myself in a bubble of like-mindedness!

    My Urban Fantasy Bubble is a happy place to be!

    (and THANK YOU ever so much for this blog!! You’re in my feeds now so I’ll always be on top of the cool new stuff.)

  2. I look for patterns too, and really, this is why editors solicit those blurbs–to help readers of one author find others. (And, as an aside, I’m terribly flattered to be included among such talented company.)

    As I replied to Cat, though, aside from Vicki I don’t actually know these folks. I did blurb Armstrong’s upcoming YA (amazing!). I am in an antho with Kim. But both things were a result of editors’ requests, not our doing. Vicki is my exception. I won’t say we became friends b/c I loved her writing, but I will confess that her writing is the original source. Luckily for me, she’s also pretty awesome as a person too 🙂

    Still, looking for patterns always makes me grin . . . and in this case the pattern makes me grin extra b/c really, who wouldn’t be charmed to be included in a list with those authors?

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