New Kelley Armstrong Covers

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at cover art; I’m superficial that way 😉 Anyway, recently came across some new Kelley Armstrong covers, and just had to share them with you. We see here the UK cover for Personal Demon, Book 8 in the Otherworld series. Think Dominic Harman did the art, but don’t hold me to that. Then we have the North American version of The Summoning, the first book in a YA Otherworld trilogy. Don’t know the artist. Then we come to the North American version of Living with the Dead, Book 9 in the Otherworld series. Think the artist may be Franco Acornero, but I could be wrong. Ace covers, all of them, so Ms Armstrong is one special lady 🙂

Have a lovely day! 🙂

Tez Miller


5 comments on “New Kelley Armstrong Covers

  1. Hey! You are definitely not superficial for not, because I like many other people choose a book they have never heard of before through an attractive cover. Like the artists we are we appreciate the art of other categories. Looking and appreciating cover art is a sophisticated thing. Trust me.


  2. Aw, you sound wise…must be the European. As for me, Celtic Australians don’t pull off philosophy very well 😉

    Hey, are you on Facebook, by any chance? If you are, look me up – the name’s Tez Miller.

    Thanks for stopping by UFL, and have a lovely day! 🙂

  3. Love the new covers, especially Living with the Dead. I’m so ready to read another book from Kelley. I’m glad the next one is coming out soon.

  4. Thanks for the covers! Can’t wait for Personal Demon. I’m a big Kelley Armstrong fan.
    One of my favorite sites is book cover artist Chris McGrath’s site,
    There are some great detail pics of his covers, including books of authors’ Vicki Petterson, Jim Butcher, Rob Thurman, Kat Richardson, and Phaedra Weldon.

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