Rowling’s Tales of Beedle the Bard

In case you were wondering (I know I missed it) what became of J.K. Rowling’s book-within-a-book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the handwritten, hand-illustrated, leather-bound book that sold by auction at Sotheby’s, the multi-million dollar ($4 million to be exact) book– it is available for viewing by its new owner: Amazon. Follow the link and you can read all 5 of the tales and see images of the book.

Rowling apparently made 7 copies, gave six away, and, well, you know who has the seventh.

Proceeds went to The Children’s Voice.

I see it as a win-win. But what do you think? Was this a good deal? Should Amazon scan the pages and sell them to the public?


2 comments on “Rowling’s Tales of Beedle the Bard

  1. I think it is fine it went to Amazon and also that they took pictures for all of us to read. What would be nice (and also in the spirit of charity) would be if they scanned the pages and made them available to the public to read. I doubt this will happen, as I’m sure eventually someone will publish them again in some type of book form.

  2. Yes, I’m so glad the book went to someone who 1) wanted to share it with the public, and 2) has the means necessary to share with a world-wide audience.

    As for the book form, it looks like Amazon has no plans to copy it, but hopefully that may change.

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