SPOTLIGHT on Colleen Gleason (And Contest too!)

colleen-gleason.jpgConfession time: I have not read any of Colleen Gleason‘s work. I know! How is it possible I have missed anything being called “Buffy meets Jane Eyre”? I adore kick ass hero/ines! You can be sure I will be investigating Gleason’s back list, especially after reading an excellent review of her Feb. 5th release of The Bleeding Dusk at

(Interview & contest details behind the cut.) The Gardella Vampire Chronicles appear to defy the paranormal romance label– for one thing, there’s no Happily Ever After. The series of three books to date fit better with urban fantasy, except for the historical setting. Welcome to a new subgenre! Historical urban fantasy!

gleason1.jpgIn book 1, The Rest Falls Away, “vampires have always lived among them, quietly attacking unsuspecting debutantes and dandified lords as well as hackney drivers and Bond Street milliners. If not for the vampire slayers of the Gardella family, these immortal creatures would have long taken over the world.

In every generation, a Gardella is called to accept the family legacy, and this time, Victoria Gardella Grantworth is chosen, on the eve of her debut, to carry the stake. But as she moves between the crush of ballrooms and dangerous, moonlit streets, Victoria’s heart is torn between London’s most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her enigmatic ally, Sebastian Vioget.

And when she comes face to face with the most powerful vampire in history, Victoria must ultimately make the choice between duty and love.”

gleason2.jpgIn book 2, Rises The Night, “Victoria Gardella has been a vampire slayer for just over a year, balancing her life as a peer of Society with the dangerous role that takes her out on moonlit streets, stake in hand.

As Victoria races across Europe to stop what could be the most deadly army the Gardellas have ever faced, she is accompanied by the unlikely Sebastian Vioget, a man as tempting as he is untrustworthy. But when Victoria discovers that she has been betrayed by one of her most trusted allies, the truth will challenge all her powers as a Venator – and as a woman.”

Gleason’s writing has been described as “sharp and taut, which makes for excellent action sequences, and a plot that travels quickly from the start” (Smart Bitches review). And again I find myself wondering why I haven’t picked up The Gardella Vampire Chronicles yet.

So while I head out to the bookstore, I give you 5 questions with Colleen Gleason! (Contest details below.)

1.- What can we expect from your next book (upcoming release)? (Tease us, please!)

The third book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles will be/was releasedgleason5.jpg February 5. It’s the middle installment of the five book series about Victoria Gardella Grantworth, and continues her story.
In this book, Victoria and her other Venators are in Rome, investigating some odd happenings that turn out to be the result of an evil demon come back to life. The Venators (vampire hunters) have to race against the vampires and demons to find three missing keys that will open The Door of Alchemy–behind which is an old, secret lab belonging to an alchemist who died a hundred and fifty years earlier. Obviously, there’s something the vampires and demons want…and what they want, Victoria has to make sure they don’t get!
Besides dealing with the dangers of vampire hunting, and racing to get the door open first, Victoria also has to deal with her personal life–in the form of her meddling, match-making mother, who’s come to visit from London with her two cronies. All she wants to do is get Victoria married off again.
If only her mother knew that Victoria is caught between three men in this book–Max, the grumpy, brooding Venator; Sebastian, the handsome, mysterious man who seems to know an awful lot about vampires, and Beauregard, the sexy vampire who wants nothing more than to lure Victoria into his bed–and undead life.
The fourth book in the series, When Twilight Burns, will be released in August. I’m currently working on the fifth and final book in Victoria’s series, which is due to come out in early 2009.

2.- What are you working on now?

I’m currently writing the fifth and final book in the series about Victoria, wherein the loose ends (or most of them) will be tied up, and the reader will feel comfortable that Victoria will live out the rest of her life in a relatively peaceful manner. Of course, she’ll always be a Venator, and always hunt vampires….but other aspects of her life will be settled.

3. Everybody asks ‘Why do you write?’. I want to know WHERE do you write? Where are you right now? Where in the world do you wish you were right now? And why?

Right NOW, I’m sitting at my desktop computer in my home office….but that’s because I’m doing email/correspondence. When I’m writing new material–ie, working on the actual book–I am usually NOT at this desk. It’s too distracting with email and the Internet beckoning to me constantly, luring me to check and see what else is new!

So when I’m really writing, I’m often at a coffee shop or restaurant. Sometimesgleason.jpg at my kitchen table, with a pot of tea. In fact, I usually have a pot of tea next to me when I’m writing–regardless of where.
People ask me how I can write in a restaurant or coffee shop….it’s easy! Much easier than at home. When I’m at home, every little noise is mine–it pertains to me. Phone, email chime, laundry bell, kids, husband, dog….etc. Every little thing: clutter, housework, kitchen (ie, food!),etc.
When I’m away from home–and I do a lot of my best work at night, or in the evening–I can tune everything out because I don’t own it. I don’t have to. And I’m not expecting an email from my editor or agent or phone calls about business or anything. The kids are home, settled in bed. Everything’s put away. Then I can concentrate. No distractions.
4. When you were a child, where was your favourite place to play? Where do you like to play now (real or imaginary)? And what’s your fantasy play place?
My favorite place to play was in my room, or in the woods. I am the oldest of four children, and my room was my sanctuary. I could go there to get away from everyone–read, play, whatever. I also loved to play in the woods–hike, walk around, play in the creekbed, etc. I liked to play explorer or adventurer, build hideouts, etc., either alone or with a friend.
My fantasy place….gosh, I honestly don’t know. Maybe somewhere where I don’t have to worry about what I eat, lots of great books, good food, excellent drink, hot tubs, swimming pool, the perfect temperature. I guess I’m thinking of a worldly place, not an unworldly place.
Although I wouldn’t mind Middle Earth if I could have Aragorn.
5. Advice for urban fantasy writers?
Write, write, write. Send out what you’ve finished, and start on a new project. Write some more, send out more. Keep sending out until you get published, or give up.

I try not to read too much in the genre I write in, because I want my ideas to stay fresh. I also try to pay attention to pop culture–meaning TV, movies, etc. Knowing what’s popular in other mediums can help springboard new, relevant ideas. for the writer.

Thank you, Ms Gleason! I’ll meet you in Middle Earth!
If you’d like to win your choice of book from The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, leave a comment to this post. You’ll be entered in a drawing. I’ll contact the winner for your shipping information. Good luck! [contest ends Wednesday at midnight EST]

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  1. Great interview. I love these books to pieces, and would be delighted if you would enter me in the contest to win one of her books.

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    I love these books, and would be delighted to win one of them.

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